Monday, January 18, 2016

Birthday Girls' Day Out

A couple of weekends ago, I conspired with my friend's hubby to "kidnap" my friend and fellow January baby for a ladies-only, early birthday celebration! Her thoughtful hubby made us reservations for Sunday Brunch at The Ancaster Mill.

Photo Credit: Historia Building Restoration, Inc.
The Ancaster Mill was originally a stone flour mill built in the 19th century. In the late 1970s, the new owners converted the mill into a restaurant with an Earth to Table food philosophy.

My herbal tea was served in the cutest cast iron teapot!

The passion fruit herbal tea was quite tasty!

I didn't get a chance to photograph the different food stations, but did manage to capture the delicious dessert display. My sweet tooth wanted to try EVERYTHING...

...but I limited myself to the chocolate truffle cake, cheesecake, and some fruit. YUMMY!

Our original itinerary included an afternoon tea at the local Art Gallery later that day, but the amazing brunch left us so full that we opted to postpone the afternoon tea for another time.

We returned to my "tea house" and enjoyed a pot of Buddha's Blend, a delicious fruity white tea by David's Tea.

Cartoon by Cathy Thorne
A huge THANK YOU to my friend's hubby for organizing the fun co-birthday celebration for us!

I'm joining the following parties this week:


  1. The dessert is always 'important' right! Fun with friends and time out together is great!

  2. Now, weren't you a kind and thoughtful friend! Food stations sound like fun as opposed to a tiered tray on your table and your selections look very tasty.
    I took a friend to a British tea room last week who had never had this experience and she loved it.

  3. Margie, What a wonderful tea party. Enjoy your birthdays! Sylvia D.

  4. Dear Margie:
    That cartoon is so funny! And True! I love your tea adventure and what an incredible place. You're right about the desserts - they look amazing as all the food does! Thanks for sharing.

  5. Now this is how I like to celebrate birthdays!
    I really enjoy going to tearooms in a historic setting. (We have very few out here.) Also your tearoom looks like it has such a variety of food with the different food stations. That's always a plus. The ending cartoon is absolutely hilarious! Thanks for sharing! :)

  6. What fun for you and your friend to share your birthdays together, Margie. You always find the best spots and that chocolate fountain looks so heavenly. Tea at your house afterwards look like the perfect ending to a great day!

  7. What a fun time you two must have had, and that Mill is wonderful looking! Happy Belated Birthday!
    Thanks so much for your recent visit to my chocolate pot post. Have a great week!

  8. Oh what fun! Celebrating bithdays with can't get much better.

    You may want to stop by my blog tomorrow...I have a little surprise for you {{smiles}}

    Have a wonderful week! Hugs!

  9. It's good to have ladies-only celebrations now and then! Happy belated Birthday!

  10. Hello, what a wonderful birthday celebration. Looks like a great place for tea! Happy belated birthday! Happy Tuesday, enjoy your week ahead!

  11. How fun! Looks delicious! I love fruit flavored teas.
    Happy Birthday (late)!

  12. Margie, your birthday outing with the girls was so much fun. What a terrific place to enjoy some wonderful food. The desserts all look fabulous. I would be tempted to try as many as possible. Love your teapot! Happy Birthday, by the way! Hope you have a lovely day.


  13. What a lovely place to have a birthday tea party. I love the little cast iron pot. :)

  14. Happy (belated, sorry) birthday, dear lady!

    Many happy returns as well!


  15. happy (belated) birthday! sounds like you've had a very enjoyable birthday.
    i thoroughly enjoyed your post. thanks for sharing:)

    have a nice day~

  16. What a special venue for your birthday! A good friend, tea and desserts ... all you really need for a birthday celebration! My husband took me to the Ancaster Mill waaaaaay back when we were just dating ... a lovely memory.

  17. What a fun way to spend a day with a friend - the sweets look delicious - and I wanted to taste everything on your plate!! Looks like a wonderful place to visit again!!

  18. You are such a thoughtful friend. That is such a perfect way to spend a birthday with a friend.

    Looks like a very love place. The tea time treats look yummy.


  19. What a special time together. Happy Birthday to both of you! And delicious choice! Thanks so much for linking to Tuesday Cuppa Tea!

  20. What a fun day! Happy birthday.

  21. Happy belated birthday Margie! Brunch looks delicious. I love when people find new uses for old buildings :). Those desserts looks terrific--I applaud your restraint :)


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