Monday, June 18, 2018

International Teas and Teapots

Last week, we enjoyed the inaugural "Tea and Travels", a bring your own lunch and cup social at the office. One of our colleagues shared photos from her recent trip to Israel, while we sipped tea.

I was thrilled when I found Wissotzky tea, a tea company based in Israel, at my local grocery store.

The delicious mango and passion fruit herbal tea was a hit!
I forgot to photograph the blood orange and mandarin herbal tea which was also tasty. Both teas would also make refreshing iced tea.

In my last post, I shared this pretty porcelain teapot (Made in Germany) that I found at a neighbourhood garage sale.

I also purchased this unique Fitz and Floyd swan teapot from the same vendor.  This teapot was made in Japan, circa 1985.

I didn't really need new teapots...but the proceeds from the garage sale go to breast cancer so I was just making a donation, right???

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Monday, June 11, 2018

The Naked Leaf Tea Shop

When I was in Calgary last month, I visited The Naked Leaf Tea Shop in the Kensington area.

You can shop for teas and teawares at the store or online.

I liked how the tea samples were mounted on a magnetic bar.
The shelves contain tea tins with labels designed by local artists. 

After much deliberation, I purchased the Pineapple Sencha Green tea.

The light, tropical flavoured tea is perfect for the summer months!

The teapot and teacup were "rescued" from different church sales. I was drawn to the colourful flowers.

Do you drink any exotic flavoured teas?

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Monday, June 4, 2018

2018 Spring Pottery Show

Last month, I went to the Hamilton Potters Guild Sale to ogle the assortment of unique teapots and teacups.

 The Mad Hatter would approve of these whimsical teapots.

These floral teapots scream spring/summer.

I noticed a number of teapots with bamboo handles.

 There were some colourful teabag holders.
I didn't really need another teabag holder...

 ...but how could I resist these purple pretties???

My name is Margie and I'm a teabag holder hoarder.

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Monday, May 28, 2018

Five on May

Like the other months, May just sped by!

1. I was visiting my brother in Calgary over the Victoria Day long weekend so I didn't have pretty china for the royal wedding viewing. But I still enjoyed my cup of Royal Blend Tea by Fortum and Mason (which I had brought with me) and yummy chocolate cinnamon scone.

2. Interesting tea beverages sampled in Calgary:
a) Thai bubble tea from Ten Ren Tea. Unfortunately, I didn't get a photo of the actual tea which was orange in colour.
b) Matcha coconut latte (Two Hills Organic) made by my brother.
c) Hong Kong Style Tea (Vitasoy) from the T & T Supermarket. This was sweetened with condensed milk and consumed cold.
d) Passion Fruit herbal tea from the Pampa Brazilian Steakhouse.

The matcha coconut latte and passion fruit teas were my favourite. The other 2 tea drinks were okay.

3. While in Alberta, we visited the Firefighters Museum of Calgary. One exhibit displayed items that had caused fires...such as this melted plastic tea kettle. This is what happens when the auto turn-off malfunctions. YIKES!

4. I was The Delightful Repast's giveaway winner of this cool New West KnifeWorks deli knife. Now I've got a knife that cuts everything...and can also be used as a weapon. HA! Thank you, Jean!

5. The first iced tea that I cold brewed for the hot season:
Fuzzy Peach Rooibos by Polar Tea Co.

Enjoy the last week of May!

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Monday, May 21, 2018

Royal Wedding Teas

In honour of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's nuptials, I've been sipping some delicious royal wedding teas blends from our local tea shops.

 The first blend is a black tea from T by Daniel with a great name:
"When Harry Met Meghan".

"Everything in this blend was made with love. We selected a top notch Ceylon Orange Pekoe for the base in honour of the British Royal Family. We also added purple sprinkles to represent royalty, and silver dragees to symbolize the festive occasion." 
(Description from T by Daniel).

 The tea's yummy chocolate strawberry flavour was a hit with my sweet tooth!

Tea at the White House also created their own Royal Wedding Tea Blend: "A beautiful medley of apple, hazelnut and a bouquet of flowers suited for a wedding for royalty."

This rooibos tea had a light, pleasant taste. 

So you won't believe who I ran into at Springridge Farm last month...

The happy couple!!!

How did you celebrate Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's special day?

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Monday, May 14, 2018

2018 Spring Teacup Exchange

I'm so excited to reveal what I received for The Enchanting Rose's 12th Teacup Exchange!

Thank you to our fabulous hostess, Stephanie, who once again did an outstanding job organizing the spring swap. Thank you, Stephanie!

I sent a package to Teresa in Ohio. Teresa doesn't have a blog so I'm sharing the goodies in her package here.

Teresa likes Victorian-style teas so I gave her this English vintage teacup from my own collection.

I also sent Teresa a summer scarf and sparkly brooch to add some bling to tea time!

The pretty thank you card from Teresa.
I'll respond to your letter soon!

I was delighted to receive this spectacular package from Lily who blogs at Home of a Lil'Needlecrafter. The package traveled all the way to Canada from Malaysia!

The exquisite demitasse teacup is the perfect addition to my collection of bird-themed tea sets. I love the turquoise details and peacock!

A plethora of teas accompanied with charming tea accessories.

Lily also gifted me these unique items: paperbag clips, bath sponge and rose beads.

Lily is very crafty and made this beautiful teacup card.

Thank you, Lily, for spoiling me with such an amazing package! My thank you card is in the mail...Please visit Lily's blog by clicking here.

Teacups received from the 2014-2018 exchanges
Now we are nine!

Please visit The Enchanting Rose on May 17th to see the other fun teacup and mug swaps!

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Monday, May 7, 2018

Happy 25th Anniversary, Taylor's Tea Room!

On April 29th, Taylor's Tea Room celebrated its 25th anniversary.

Photo taken in 2015
Taylor's is the only tea room that I know that is open 7 days/week and offers breakfast and afternoon tea daily and dinner on Friday evenings.

Photos taken in 2015
The restaurant industry is a tough business and I've seen many tea rooms come and go. So it's amazing that Taylor's has been serving tea in pretty bone china teacups for a quarter of a century.

On the day of Taylor's 25th anniversary, a scone with Devonshire cream and (blueberry) jam was offered at the special 1993 price of $2.95. I enjoyed the scone with a pot of Royal Botanical tea, an herbal blend of of hibiscus, floral and lavender.

While I was waiting for my tea and scones to arrive, my friend came in the tea room with her 5-year-old daughter who was unfazed to see me: "I knew you'd be here because you love tea and come in here every day." HA!

Do you know other tea rooms who have reached the quarter century mark?

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