Monday, May 10, 2021

The case of the missing tea package

After 12+ months of online tea shopping, it finally happened: a package went missing!

The tracking said that the package was left at my front door, but it wasn't there (and I had also checked my neighbours' porches, just in case), so I reported the missing package to FedEx. It turned out that the package was delivered to the wrong residence! FedEx tried unsuccessfully to trace/retrieve the package, and eventually advised me to contact the Seller to either get a refund or replacement package.

When I informed Blighty's, a British shop in Orangeville, Ontario, what happened, they dispatched a replacement package immediately. Purolator delivered the package safely the following day!


These Yorkshire Teas specialty brews have been on my wish list for MONTHS so I was thrilled when I finally found a Canadian retailer that sold them online! 

Each box comes with 40 tea bags. I love the packaging's super cute design!


Decarf Bedtime Brew with Vanilla and Nutmeg: 

I thought this blend was just okay. I couldn't really taste the vanilla or nutmeg?


 Malty Biscuit Brew:

The biscuit scent was strong, but the malty flavour was more subtle. This tea was also good with milk.


 Toast & Jam:

This blend was my favourite among the three. It was a strong black tea with a delicious fruity flavour (strawberry jam?)!

Monday, May 3, 2021

Spring teas: Lemon cake-inspired teas

We made it to May!


 My April tea empties

Oldest: Organic Black Chai with Ginger and Elderberries by Ikea (2019?)

Newest: Caramel Custard Flan Rooibos by Dessert by Deb (April 2021)

Already repurchased: Madeleine Cookie Black Tea (Monarch Tea Co.) and Key Lime Chamomile (Teamancy)

May repurchase: Caramel Custard Flan Rooibos

As the weather warms up, I've been enjoying some light lemon teas.

DavidsTea's Lemon Pound Cake oolong was a smooth and creamy tea. I tried it hot first and then resteeped the leaves for an iced tea. They were both delicious!

Dessert by Deb's Lemon Sugar Bundt Cake black tea was a lovely blend of lemon and cinnamon spices!

Monday, April 26, 2021

A gold chintz teacup

This week I'm sharing one of the vintage teacups in my collection.


I've always been drawn to gold chintz.

The Queen Anne backstamp (circa 1949+)

This teacup is the epitome of spring!

Monday, April 19, 2021

Five teas in April

I continue to sip down my teas one cup at a time!


1. Black Tea: 

Whittard of Chelsea's Piccadilly Blend is a lovely fruity tea with a light floral (rose) note.


2. Pu-Erh: 

Blue Mountain Tea Co.'s Up and at 'Em is a delicious blend of orange and vanilla.

3. Honeybush: 

Teamancy's Cranberry Head Crumble is a sweet and spicy blend that would also be perfect for fall!

4. Oolong: 

DavidsTea's Coconut Oolong is enjoyable as both hot and iced drinks.

5. Fruit infusion: 

DavidsTea's Coco Colada (cold-brewed) was a refreshing beverage. This tropical tea is the closest I'll get to a holiday these days!

Monday, April 12, 2021

T Party

Ms Taylor Alison Swift is one of my pandemic MVPs.

Her music has helped me get though the first wave (folklore), second wave (evermore), and  third wave (Fearless (Taylor's Version)).

Last Friday, I celebrated the release of Taylor's re-recording of her second album, Fearless (Taylor's Version), with a T party!


In my mug: DavidsTea's coconut oolong. I love coconut so I really enjoyed this fruity oolong. I even resteeped the leaves to make iced tea which was also delicious!

Me spotting this English bone china mug (Roy Kirkham) at HomeSense years ago: You belong with meeeeeeeeee! You belong with me.

Monday, April 5, 2021

My first vintage teapot purchase in over a year!

 I hope everyone had a lovely Easter weekend!

March tea empties

Oldest: Matcha from Japan (2019?)

Newest: Decaf Pumpkin Spice Black Tea by Stash (March 2021)

May repurchase: Marshmallow Crispy Square green tea (Dessert by Deb)

Photo Credit: The Art of Doing Stuff 

Last month, I was scrolling through Instagram when my eagle eyes spotted a gold and cream teapot in the background of this post. 

I couldn't stop thinking about the teapot so the next day, I called the store to inquire about the teapot's condition and price. I expected the teapot to be $30 or more so when the proprietor told me that it was in good condition and $10.99 CDN, I was like, "SOLD!"

I adore the teapot's shape and elegant design--gold and cream with a rose! This vintage teapot was Made in England by Price and Kensington.

The back of the teapot featured a rosebud.

This gorgeous teapot was just the dopamine boost that I needed!

Monday, March 29, 2021

Easter decor

 Easter is fast approaching!

My pastel teawares are ready for spring tea time!

Wishing you a safe and blessed Easter!