Monday, March 19, 2018

New Season, New Logo!

I'm kicking off the spring season with a fun new logo/header photo that was designed by my talented friend. Thank you, Eddie! Please check out his other work at Eddie Ho Design.

Last Friday, we had a pop-up St. Patrick's Day tea at the office.
We enjoyed green tea (Banana Crush by For Tea's Sake's) and Irish-themed cookies.

I'm embarrassed to admit how long I've been saving Riston's "Margaret Tea" (hint: YEARS). When I realized that this chocolate truffle black tea contained Irish cream...

...I decided that it was the perfect tea to drink on St. Patrick's Day!

 In the evening, I had a green tea (Kashmiri Chai by David's Tea) with a cupcake.

How did you celebrate the Irish holiday?

I'm joining the following parties this week:


  1. LOVE your new header, Margie!! It's so YOU! Eddie did a great job.
    How nice to have a pop up office party to celebrate St. Patrick's Day. Your Margaret tea sounds delightful. I have to admit that I found a tin of Irish breakfast loose tea, that I'm sure is years old, too. I decided to go for it, and it still tasted great. I celebrated with a luncheon with my water aerobics friends, where we all bring something (I brought Green Velvet cupcakes), and then I had some family over for Irish cheddar cheese, Cottage Pie, green beans, and green velvet cupcakes.
    Hope you have a beautiful week, Margie!

  2. Your new header fits you to a T-ea, Margie! Your friend Eddie did a wonderful job. I threw out about a hundred bags of tea, loose leaf and tea bags, a couple of years ago because I'm sure they were outdated big time. I know tea can keep for a long time but this was years old stuff and I'm sure much of it was no longer fresh to use. Hubby always teased me about having more tea in the house than the grocery store and I think he was probably right. Anyway, my stash is about half of what it was and I still have many kinds to offer when folks drop by. I love the look of surprise when I give them such a wide choice! Happy Spring, Margie!

  3. Your new header looks great. Sounds like you had a wonderful St Patrick's day.

  4. WOW!Great new logo!What a cheerful post!I wish I worked in your office,such fun and friendship!I love your Irish tea time and that pretty green teacup.Hugs.

  5. Your new header is fabulous, my friend. And I agree with Kitty, it's so you!

    The tea looked and sounded glad you were able to enjoy it on St. Patrick's Day.

    Happy Spring to you, friend. Hugs!

  6. Lovely new header Margie, it’s beau’tea’ful.

  7. Nice header for Springtime... I have an old stash too.. and every once in awhile I bring them out .. however I think you found the perfect one for St’ Patrick’s Day ..Chocolate truffled black tea with Irish Creme...Doesn’t get any better ... Your green tea set is delightful too... WOW ..It’s amazing how things come together in an office.... and didn’t you enjoy a tea feast... This was a fun post...Hugs

  8. A great logo and so right for you.

  9. The logo is perfect - love it! And yes, OF COURSE you had a pop up tea at work lol. What fun you all have there - looks like it was a hit!

  10. Oh I adore your header! How sweet. Eddie done a great job. You have the most fun ever with your teas. Just love it! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  11. That's neat how you incorporated tea in a can to the post. SO many teas come in bottles and cans now. xoxo Su

  12. Margie, glad you finally busted out that tea before it was too late! :D Your new header is fabulous (now I can't remember the old one).

  13. Your logo is perfect for you! Well done! You work at THE BEST office! So fun! Love the Aynsley teacups and the Margaret Riston tea with the Irish Cream sounds wonderful! Have a tea filled week, and thanks for linking to Tuesday Cuppa Tea.

  14. I'm not going to admit how old some of my teas are :-P. They're dried! Margaret tea sounds a lot like one I picked up in Ireland (black tea with chocolate and whiskey flavor), so definitely authentic! I like your new logo!


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