Monday, April 30, 2018

Spring Tea & Fashion Trends

How can it be the end of April already?!?

 Earlier this month, we had a spring tea social at the office. 
I brought in my Sadler basket weave mugs, while my co-workers brought in these tasty treats.

At a recent visit to the local museum, I spotted this display of milk jugs and creamers. I prefer to drink my tea black so I usually only use creamers when I'm serving tea to others.

The museum also had an exhibit called "Fashion to the Future" which featured fashion trends from the 1960s to the 2000s.

Blast from the past: 1970s (top) and 1980s (bottom)

Did you ever follow these fashion trends?

I'm joining the following parties this week:


  1. Your tea social had some wonderful treats accompanied by your pretty mugs. I did wear the minis and the chunky footwear but I was never a fan of the big shoulders and loud prints. I'm still a fairly "plain" person preferring a simple A line style. I detest most of the styles I'm seeing today. I think a lot of the dresses and tops look like something my grandmother would have worn back in her day. Good thing tea never changes and I take mine black as well. A fun post, Margie!

  2. I love that your coworkers provide the treats for the tea party, Margie. The fashions must've been fun to see. I don't see anything that I would've worn in those eras, Margie. I had my kids in the 70's and 80's, and I guess I wore "mom" clothes!!
    You'd have to provide a creamer for my tea, Margie. I love black tea, but with cream!
    Happy May Day tomorrow.

  3. Hi Margie!How many treats in your post!Love the beautiful mugs and pretty milk jugs and creamers!Great tea time!Hugs!

  4. Another beautiful tea at your place of work. From the looks of the treats it seems that your co-workers get right into the tea theme, too. I remember the looks from the 80s with the wide shoulders. My jackets definitely had shoulder pads in them, but not exaggerated. Now, it seems that anything goes.

  5. I think I had some outfits with big 80's shoulder pads. I wish I had saved something from every era, they'd be great costumes now. Wait, I most likely couldn't still fit in any.

  6. I just love how you and your coworkers do tea socials together. This just makes me smile. Love seeing all the trends. Boy, some of the trends today are shockers for sure! I am one that wears it if I like it and if not I don't. LOL! When I look back at some of the styles I would love many of the older trends. The 50's are my favorites. I was a late 50's baby but still love that era. The 20's would have been a good style to me. Enjoyed this today so much. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  7. Love how you guys do this in your office! That museum looks fascinating! I have recently begun to like the 60's and early 70's fashions which is funny because that's when I grew up. I still love the styles of the 50's the best. I recently got some vintage aprons at an estate sale and I think it's interesting that MANY of those aprons were hand made. What care and thought went into the home back then!

  8. What a lovely tea party with your co-workers. I love that you have tea and treats together...I would love to work with all of you {{smiles}}

    I loved seeing the vintage dresses! So pretty. Hugs to you!

  9. Dear Margie: What a lovely lunchtime at work and pretty food. I sewed many of those fashion trends in the 70's and they seemed wonder "at the time"! Ha! Thanks for sharing your museum visit too!

  10. Margie, what a fun post! I love your tea socials at work. And this museum is one I'd enjoy. I never went in for exaggerated shoulder pads, but I was going through my closet one day and found a dress that was a holdover from the 90s. I thought how much I loved that dress and that it would probably still look good. And it would have, if not for the shoulder pads. Yikes! And they were just minimal at the time.

    PS Did you get my email?

  11. Looks like a delightful time was had! Interesting all the sweet details put together for the occasion.

  12. How wonderful that your co-workers social together with a tea theme. Interesting display from the museum indeed.

  13. Margie, What a wonderful time - having tea at work. The treats look delicious. Lovely mugs! I always have cream in my black tea. I drink herbal with no sweetener or cream. Thanks for sharing and have great week. Sylvia D

  14. Is there an opening at your office? You seem to have the best time. And the treats look amazing.

  15. Oh my goodness, a tea time at work is awesome and it looks deli I got hungry!
    I understand big shoulders and big jackets are back, my teen grandgirls are wearing them; fashion always make a comeback.


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