Friday, March 27, 2015

Teacup Exchange: Out of Africa

I've had the privilege of participating in the last 3 teacup exchanges hosted by Stephanie from The Enchanting Rose. It's always fun to meet other teacup lovers from around the world!

For this exchange, I sent a teacup across the border to Lynn who lives in Illinois. I may have gone a little tape happy with her package (who wouldn't with super cute tape?)!

Lynn does not have a blog so I am sharing photos of what I included in her package: a teacup, a teabag holder, rubber duck tea infuser, tea samples, a tea towel, note cards, and Canadian chocolates.

I gave Lynn this Royal Vale teacup which came from my own collection. After much consideration (it's always hard to part with one of my tea pretties!) I selected this teacup because of its cheery yellow flowers.

Lynn sent me this cute card and a lovely letter to express her heartfelt thanks for the package.

I was excited to find out that Nancy sent me a teacup all the way from South Africa! The estimated delivery time for international surface mail was 3 months...

...but it actually arrived on Monday! The philatelist in me is geeking out over the cool South African postage stamps!

Charlotte Brontë would have approved of the teacup's pretty (and careful) packaging!

Nancy sent me these adorable goodies in my favourite colour.

I love the teacup's simple but elegant fleur de lys design. 
Many thanks for the fun parcel, Nancy!

As a throwback to past exchanges, I'm also sharing what I received from last year's teacup swaps.

For my first teacup exchange in March 2014, I received this pretty rose-themed package from Sandra from Ravenhill Cottage who also resides in southern Ontario.

This vintage teacup decorated with beautiful roses came from Sandra's own collection and is called "Old Chelsea" by Johnson Bros. Thank you for the lovely gifts, Sandra!

In October 2014, I participated in my second teacup exchange and received this crafty package from Nicole, a fellow Canuck from Alberta.

I've always admired other bloggers' lustrewares so I was delighted to receive this gorgeous teacup by Castle China--my first "Made in Japan" teacup. Thank you for the wonderful package, Nicole!

Last, but certainly not the least, I am extremely grateful to Stephanie, organizer extraordinaire, for all the time and efforts she put into running such well-organized and fun teacup exchanges. You can learn more about the past teacup swaps here.

I look forward to the next exchange in the fall!


  1. I know I squealed in delight when you told me the package had arrived from South Africa :) I am so, so, so glad it arrived in time for the linkup. I know I would have been "geeking out" like you about the South African postage - how fun!

    The tea cup from Nancy is truly beautiful and quite unique - love the saucer! And the crocheted doilies are a work of art!

    I absolutely loved seeing the tea cups you have received from previous exchanges. I know you sent me photos of them, but it was fun to see them again. You have received three stunning tea cups and I love how different each one is.

    Thanks, dear friend, for participating again. Enjoy your weekend! Hugs!

  2. Oh Margie, what lovely gifts you gave and also received. Isn't this teacup exchange the most fun? Stephanie is a blessing in our lives.

  3. Oh, such lovely eye candy. Such fun to see all the exchanges. This was a great swap!

  4. Hello Margie, it is so nice to meet you!
    I am visiting you from my Dear Stephanie's exchange. She puts such love into her exchanges and many are blessed in deed.
    You have had some wonderful gifts given to you.
    How exciting to see the travel that took place in your exchanges, and praise the Lord they arrived in one piece and on time for the party. :)

    Have a blessed day, Debbie

  5. such lovely gifts sent and received, I have really enjoyed being part of the exchangesxx

  6. Hello again Margie. This is my first time participating. I sent Stephanie her package and had so much fun with it, and definitely enjoyed receiving mine and making a new friend. I recognize your new cup and saucer. At least here in the U.S.A. it is sold at Anthropology. I had one, but my son accidentally dropped/broke it. He felt horrible, but I was able to pair the saucer with another cup so all is well. I am wondering how you created that teacup map? PLEASE SHARE! I love that!!!! :)
    Blessings to you,
    Heather Elizabeth

  7. Such lovely teacups.. So nice to meet a fellow Canadian who also loves tea.. Stephanie is such a dear to host this exchange.. Take care. xo

  8. Such lovely teacups.. So nice to meet a fellow Canadian who also loves tea.. Stephanie is such a dear to host this exchange.. Take care. xo

  9. I'm having such a good time looking at everyone's goodies. The purple in your package looks terrific. One of my favorite colors.

  10. Hello dear Margaret! I am so happy to be visiting your pretty tea blog today!
    It was my sweet sister, Nancy, who sent you your tea cup in Stephanie's delightful exchange and I just loved watching her package everything up...and how glad I was to hear it arrived in time for the link-party!
    The tea cups you received in previous exchanges are oh! So very beautiful!
    Can't wait for the next one!
    Much love,

  11. Margie, what a beautiful package you sent to your partner and oh my, what beautiful things you got from South Africa! I enjoyed seeing what you sent and what you many thoughtful and generous ladies participate in these exchanges. I know you'll enjoy each and every thing you were gifted.

    Thanks to for showing a photo of the exchange I sent to you last Spring. It was fun to see it all again! I'm so pleased that enjoy the things I sent you. I'm also pleased that you have a blog now. Yippee!

  12. Hello Margie! I'm stopping by from Stephanie's link up party! :) Your tea cup from Nancy is just beautiful. I love the design and the color is lovely as well! Enjoy all your goodies! Blessings to you!

  13. What a wonderful package that you sent and received. I also sent to South Africa so was so glad that my lady received hers in time. Have a great week xx

  14. those are wonderful exchange gifts... you have been very lucky.

  15. Teacup exchanges are such wonderful opportunities to meet new tea friends! Thanks for sharing with Tuesday Cuppa Tea!

  16. Hi Margie! What fun exchanges, isn't that fun? Thanks so much for visiting my Easter collections and vignettes post, and for letting me know you did so.
    Have a wonderful week,

  17. Hi Margie! What fun exchanges, isn't that fun? Thanks so much for visiting my Easter collections and vignettes post, and for letting me know you did so.
    Have a wonderful week,

  18. How nice that you shared what you sent in the exchange. I think it all looks very cute and I am sure she loved everything!

  19. Exchanges are so much fun. What wonderful gifts you received. Have a blessed Easter. Hugs, Martha

  20. Hello Margie

    I love your post title - Out of Africa!
    It's one of my favourite books and movies!

    I enjoyed reading your post about the tea cups - it was such a fun exchange!
    You sent Lynn a very pretty cup and lots of goodies.

    I remember that beautiful cup you received from Nicole last year - it was my favourite of all!

    Happy Easter
    Shane x

  21. Hi Margie,
    What wonderful teacups! The Fleur de Lis is adorable! I have a teacup made by JB, very similar to yours, but it doesn't have the name of the pattern on it. Perhaps mine is also Old Chelsea. I enjoyed looking at your teacups. You know I have had many giveaways and the very first one went to Australia. It took three months to get there and I was certain it had gotten lost. I don't ship overseas any longer because of that. I'm glad yours arrived so quickly! Thank you for joining me for Tea Time and Happy Easter!


  22. Margie,
    Lucky girl. Looks like all of your swaps have been very special. Such a wonderful way to "meet" new people and add to the teacup stash. :)
    You also sent a wonderful goody filled box to Illinois. I'm sure she is thrilled with the contents. Happy Tea Day and Happy Easter!

  23. You have received some beautiful gifts in this exchange. Especially fun to receive one all the way from South Africa!

  24. Your teacups are all different and all lovely in their own way. Thanks for sharing them with us.
    Have a great Easter.


  25. Hi Margie! Wow, everyone was so generous! You've gotten some beautiful teacups :). Your package for the exchange was filled with lots of cool stuff too! I really like the rubber ducky infuser--I just saw one for the first time in person this past weekend! By the way, I really liked the world map with the teacup--definitely smile worthy :)


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