Monday, June 15, 2015

Dancing in the Street

Exactly one year ago today, I was in Calgary, Alberta where I had the privilege of attending a free (!!!) outdoor tea dance that celebrated the Fairmont Palliser's centennial birthday. 

All were welcome to attend the vintage-themed tea dance--an ode to the popular 1920s and 1930s tea dances hosted by the Palliser.

On the front street of the hotel, dancers from the Toe Tappin' Swing company jived to the Summit Big Band to get the tea party started.

As a throwback to the days of yore, partiers were encouraged dress up in vintage attire. These individuals were the strong contenders for the Best Costume Awards.

The Mayor of Calgary, Naheed Nenshi, talked about the role of the Fairmont Palliser in Calgary's history. Back in the 1910s, it was unheard of to build a luxury hotel in the middle of the prairies. If you build it, they will come... hundred years later and Calgary is a thriving metropolis and the Palliser is one of the finest hotels in the city! You can learn more about the hotel's interesting history here.

The ribbon-cutting ceremony at the front entrance of the hotel.

The lobby featured a replica of the Fairmont Palliser and the cake for the cake-cutting ceremony.

The birthday cake was served buffet-style in the lobby.

Guests helped themselves to the Fairmont's exclusive blend of Breakfast Tea (it tasted a little bitter to me so I think the tea was oversteeped).

The table centerpieces were bone china teacups filled with lilacs.

  Here's to another century of the Palliser's Western hospitality!

I'm joining the following parties this week:


  1. You have the best times involving tea! I'd be right there with you, if I lived closer.

  2. My son really liked Calgary when he attended university there. He said it was a very bright city and it treated him well. My brother lived there and made a good living for many years before meeting his wife and moving to the States with her. I agree with Kitty. You really do enjoy some wonderful tea outings! Glad you were there for this special occasion. Thanks for joining me for tea and have a lovely week.


  3. Oh that looks like a wonderful time...

  4. Oh my what a fabulous event to attend. This was very interesting and great photos of everything.

  5. Lucky you to attend such a fun tea event Margie. Aren't the vintage costumes spectacular...don't see you dressed somewhere do we? :-)
    Thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday.

  6. what a lovely thing to do. And you were lucky to be in the area at the time.

  7. Oh my, how delightful, Margaret! I would love to attend something like this :) Thank you so much for sharing your sweet fun with us.

    Enjoy your week, dear one!

  8. Oh what an exciting adventure... I wish I would have been there but my it's too far from here... sad... Thankfully your post allowed me to arm chair wanderlust :-)

  9. Such a fascinating event! Your photos are lovely and the poster in the first image is very elegant as well.
    Have a great week!

  10. OMG Margie ..How exciting is tea at the Palliser..I went to school in Calgary and I know the grand hospitality... SO ..WHERE ARE YOU? ( Ha Ha)..Love the costumes..Thanks for sharing...Hugs

  11. What a fun tea event! I would have enjoyed seeing the vintage dresses. Wow, that cake was amazing. I'm always in awe of pastry chefs who create cakes like this. They are talented artists. Looks like a nice hotel too. Have a great week, Nora

  12. This looks like so much fun! It would be such an experience to see everyone's costumes! The food (especially the cake) looks wonderful too!

  13. Hi Margie,
    What a gala event at Calgary's Fairmont! You must have had a wonderful time. Did you dress up too? Happy Tea Day! Karen

  14. What a fabulous tea event!! Thanks for sharing. I loved your comment about the impact tremor in our mug of tea in "Jurassic Tea." Thanks for stopping by!

  15. SO cool! I am a swing dancer and would LOVE this!

  16. What a great time you had for tea time, wow, such wonderful place. I never had tea in this fashion. You are an expert, wish I could join you too.

  17. I've never heard of a tea dance! That looks like a ton of fun, with the people in period costume as the icing on the cake (followed by the cake of course).


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