Monday, May 14, 2018

2018 Spring Teacup Exchange

I'm so excited to reveal what I received for The Enchanting Rose's 12th Teacup Exchange!

Thank you to our fabulous hostess, Stephanie, who once again did an outstanding job organizing the spring swap. Thank you, Stephanie!

I sent a package to Teresa in Ohio. Teresa doesn't have a blog so I'm sharing the goodies in her package here.

Teresa likes Victorian-style teas so I gave her this English vintage teacup from my own collection.

I also sent Teresa a summer scarf and sparkly brooch to add some bling to tea time!

The pretty thank you card from Teresa.
I'll respond to your letter soon!

I was delighted to receive this spectacular package from Lily who blogs at Home of a Lil'Needlecrafter. The package traveled all the way to Canada from Malaysia!

The exquisite demitasse teacup is the perfect addition to my collection of bird-themed tea sets. I love the turquoise details and peacock!

A plethora of teas accompanied with charming tea accessories.

Lily also gifted me these unique items: paperbag clips, bath sponge and rose beads.

Lily is very crafty and made this beautiful teacup card.

Thank you, Lily, for spoiling me with such an amazing package! My thank you card is in the mail...Please visit Lily's blog by clicking here.

Teacups received from the 2014-2018 exchanges
Now we are nine!

Please visit The Enchanting Rose on May 17th to see the other fun teacup and mug swaps!

I'm also joining the following party this week: 


  1. What a lovely parcel you received from Malaysia! So many lovely tea things. I like your collection of cups from Stephanie's exchange.
    The teacup you sent is also very pretty! And I like that you included some Canadian items in that parcel.
    Enjoy your week!

  2. Lovely tea swap, sweet lady! As we well know it does create a true friendship! (hugs to you.)

    I received my package from Teresa! How fun is that!

    I can't wait to post about it.

    I didn't get pics of the package I sent off though - I don't know why I always forget almost every time. I think I just get so excited to wrap things up pretty to send. Oh well, it is what it is.

    Stephanie is the best, isn't she? ♥

  3. What wonderful tea gifts you sent and received, Margie! I especially loved that handmade card that Lily made for you. It's always such fun to give and then receiving is a bonus. Sweet Stephanie is the best hostess!

  4. Oh, wow! What a wonderful package you received, my friend! Just beautiful! I love how you combined that collage of the teacups at the end. What a clever idea! They are all so pretty. God bless you. :)

  5. Love it all Margie . Everything looks so nice . Don’t you just enjoy the exchange so much ? And making new friends is the icing on the cake because if this exchange i met you ❤️ Hugs and blessings , Cindy

  6. Great exchange,such fun!I love everything you showed here.The teacup you send and that one you received are both wonderful,I really love them!!!The cards are very pretty and precious too!Have a lovely week,Margie!

  7. My goodness! A feast for the eyes! How fun to receive a package from so far away! Lots of beautiful gifts in BOTH packages!

  8. Wonderful package to receive with all sorts of goodies,

  9. Both packages are so very pretty. You were really spoiled by your partner! That teacup is so neat! I love seeing what everyone gave and received. :)

  10. Whew! it was a great relieved to know that the teacup and saucer arrived in one piece. It was fun putting up my package for you, enjoy.

    Your package to Teresa is fabulous, your choice teacup for her is beautiful.

  11. Fantastic exchange! I love everything you received. This was my first year participating and I am so happy I did!

  12. Malaysia!! What a tremendous gift box just filled with amazingly different treasures and the teacup is delightful. Just lovely!
    You sent out a beautiful teacup, of your own collection even, and some nice gifts.
    Lovely post~

  13. What a great collage with all the different ones you have received! That's really awesome. In this exchange I love the napkins too! Thanks for sharing Margie!

  14. Hi, sweet Margie! I just love how you've included each tea cup you've received through the exchange...what a beautiful collection, my friend.

    Everything sent and received is beautiful. The tea cup you received is quite the lovely little thing. Thanks for joining the fun again {{smiles}} Hugs!

  15. I read this earlier, but didn't leave a comment?! Loved seeing all your teacups together! What a nice assortment of goodies you received and sent! Have a wonderful long weekend Margie (surely this rain won't last???)
    Wendy xox

  16. I never get tired of admiring your gorgeous teacups!Have a lovely Sunday!

  17. Lovely tea cup packages! The tea cup card is beautiful too! How nice to include photos of all your tea cups received in the exchange! You have some beauties! Enjoy!

  18. Beautiful treasures sent and received! What a gift it is to meet new people and share a virtual cup of tea, and a part of our lives together! Praying you have a blessed day!

  19. Margie, your teacup collection is beautiful and what a cool idea to put them all together in a collage. This was my 6th exchange and have many pretties of my own as well. The teacup you gave to Teresa was just stunning and you received a beauty as well. I will miss the exchanges but certainly understand that our Stephanie needs a break! Enjoy the rest of your week and long holiday weekend!

  20. Two more nice packages. The rose tea cup you sent is really pretty. I'm glad you enjoyed participating this last time! :-)

  21. Lovely parcels - the one you sent and the one you received. It's amazing they can travel so far without being lost or broken, isn't it? And sending one from your own collections is pretty generous I think - hope you enjoy all your goodies!


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