Monday, June 11, 2018

The Naked Leaf Tea Shop

When I was in Calgary last month, I visited The Naked Leaf Tea Shop in the Kensington area.

You can shop for teas and teawares at the store or online.

I liked how the tea samples were mounted on a magnetic bar.
The shelves contain tea tins with labels designed by local artists. 

After much deliberation, I purchased the Pineapple Sencha Green tea.

The light, tropical flavoured tea is perfect for the summer months!

The teapot and teacup were "rescued" from different church sales. I was drawn to the colourful flowers.

Do you drink any exotic flavoured teas?

I'm joining the following parties this week:


  1. The pineapple Sencha green tea sounds lovely, Margie. I think I would like that. Seems you're always on a tea adventure. I'm glad! Tea adventures here are rather scarce because we're such a small population. Your teacup is a pretty one. I didn't negotiate on the teacup. The saleslady simply sold it to me for that price and I was thrilled of course! I think business was slow that day and perhaps Hubby and I were two of few customers that entered the doors that afternoon. We chatted for a while as well so maybe she decided to give me a deal?? Anyway I am so happy to have two in that pattern. Have a wonderful week, Margie.

  2. No,I don't...But with those gorgeous china I could drink almost everything!LOL!Hugs!

  3. Amazing to see such a tea shop!
    The way they have displayed the tea samples inspired me:)

  4. Hi Margie! I always enjoy going to a new tea shop with you. I guess I don't drink anything too exotic, but I am loving my blackberry sage tea, especially in the summer. Your teacup and teapot look like they belong together...good job of shopping the church sales!

  5. That looks like a wonderful teashop! Spoilt for choice! Love the teapot and teacup too. Exotic? Not sure... we have a cup of Harney & Sons Tropical Green or Bangkok Green tea everyday, does that qualify?Lol! Thanks for linking to Tuesday Cuppa Tea

  6. How nice to have such a tea shop to visit!!! I've not had much for exotic teas, but I enjoy new ones when I come across them. Love the tea cup and tea pot you rescued!

  7. Beautiful teacup and pot, perfect for summer season.

  8. That spice of tea sounds wonderful Margie. I do love some of the fruit teas and especially over the summer. What fun to visit a tea shop. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  9. Oh that tea sounds delightful and I LOVE the color as well . . . definitely sounds like a good one for summer! I bet it would be good iced. I have quite a few of my favorites that I actually prefer iced.

  10. Dear Margie: What a lovely teapot and cup and saucer pictured. I love the florals. The teashop looks very contemporary. The tea sounds wonderful so thanks for sharing!

  11. Margie, what a cool teashop! And I love your rescued teapot and cup and saucer - very pretty.

  12. Oh, I love that tea shop, I wish I could go too.
    That rescued teacup is adorable as well.
    The tea sounds lovely dear friend.

  13. What a beautiful shop. I adore the cup and kettle as well, I love flowery patterns. And I also like exotic tea, I had a mango tea a while back that was delicious.

  14. What a pretty teashop and a marvelous choice of tea you've chosen. How lucky for you to have spotted both the teapot and teacup.


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