Monday, December 3, 2018

2018 Tea-Themed Tree

My tea-themed tree went up a few weeks ago.

I started collecting tea-themed ornaments in 2011.

It's amazing how much my collection has grown in just 7 years!

Some ornaments are elegant like these miniature Wedgwood and Royal Albert teacups and teapots from my mom.

Others are whimsical like these Santa teapots!

 I've also used pretty teabag holders to decorate my tree.

Below are the newest additions to this year's tree.

From Hallmark: Season's Treatings, 10th Anniversary" (limited edition)
The Santa teapot was so cute that I'll overlook the hot chocolate in the mugs!

From a local garden gallery: canines in cups!

 From a church rummage sale: Red Rose miniature teapots

Mrs. Potts and Chip actually came from a toy set.

This charming ornament was from a friend.

The tea-themed ornaments make me smile every time I see them.

Have you put up your tree?


  1. Oh Margie, how I love your tree! Wonderful! I am slowly getting mine done. You have so many perfect tea themed ornaments. A Tea-riffic tree! Thanks for your kind words over the last has been much appreciated!

  2. Margie, your tree is delightful and so full of fun and whimsy! You have such a cute collection and they're all unique and they all no doubt tell a story. I love it! I've had my tree up for a couple of weeks but just finished decorating it the other day. It takes me a couple of days usually to get it where I want it because I fuss a bit. Happy December!

  3. Wonderful tree!Your new ornaments are sooo cute!We put up our tree on last Saturday,such fun!Happy December!

  4. What a wonderful tea tree you have! Some of the ornaments are beautiful. I love how you added the teabag holders too. Lovely.
    I put my tree up yesterday, not a single tea themed ornament on it. Sad

  5. Oh my goodness Margie ! I’m so in love with your tea themed tree ! This melts my old heart . Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  6. Wow! I let out a little happy cheer when I saw your post. I absolutely adore your tea themed tree. What a beautiful collection of ornaments. I've never seen a Wedgwood ornament before. Your new Santa ornament is adorable.
    I'm sure you love having a cup of tea, sitting back and looking at your beautiful tree.

  7. I just so admire your tea themed Christmas tree, Margie. I would smile every time I walked by it, too. You have some darling ornaments on your tree. Thanks for sharing your growing collection with us.

  8. I love your tree, Margie! So nice to see all your treasures out and about, enjoying themselves. Must make you happy to look at them.

  9. Your tree is lovely. I was out the other day and saw some really cute tea themed ornaments and thought they woukd be perfect for you,

  10. Love, love, LOVE your Christmas tree, my friend. I am with Kitty...I truly admire your tea tree :)

    Hugs to you!

  11. Oh Margie, what a wonderful theme for your tree. You have so many cute ornaments! No, our tree is not yet up. We have a real tree, so we wait a bit so it's still fresh by Christmas and the New Year.

  12. Wow, how much fun! These must truly make you smile. One year I was doing a shower near Christmas and it was a tea. I decorated a little tree with Christmas teabags hole-punched (in the paper wrapping part) and tied on with ribbon. It was really pretty. ------ I just looked it up on Amazon I think it was Winter Spice in a cream-colored paper covering. And I see they have some blue and green wrapped Winter Spice with snowflakes. So pretty! I think I'll have to order some. Great for stocking stuffers! And no I don't have the decorating done yet! Wanted to wait until baby shower was over so the decorations didn't compete with each other. Have to get busy now! xo Deborah

  13. No tree up yet. I'm considering buying a new one, if I can figure out where to put it. I live in a house with no walls to put things.


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