Monday, March 11, 2019

Organic Fashionista Tea Blend

I'm proud to share that I've gone 70 (!!!) days without buying any new teas. YAY for willpower! I usually drink 2-3 cups of tea each day so it would take me YEARS to use up all the teas in my stash. 

This month, I finally tried the Organic Fashionista Blend that's been lurking in my cupboard for months years.

The Fashionista blend's organic ingredients: black tea, rose petal, lavender, orange peel and natural flavor.

I'm not a fan of floral teas so my taste buds were happy to discover that orange was the dominant flavour of this pleasant tea. 

The tea was slightly astringent--this was reduced with milk.

Do you drink tea with style?


  1. I'm not a fan of floral blends, either, Margie. However, having the predominance of orange would make me happy, too.
    Way to go on making over 70 days with no tea buying! You're tea-rific!!

  2. Yes, the orange would be nice since I'm not big on floral teas either. It is amazing to me how well tea keeps over time. Coffee doesn't have near the shelf life that tea has. That is a pretty teacup; looks very springy! Is that even a word?? Have a wonderful week, Margie.

  3. Orange is always a winner .... I love all teas and really like to experiment ...I need to use up my stash too... I laughed when you crossed out the months infavour of years.... I too am quilty of that ( Hee hee) TOO FUNNY>..OK I've learned my lesson from you today ... I will NOT buy new TEA .. Tomorrow, I shall use an old tea that has been lurking in the cupboard... It will be fabulous !!!... Please do have a grand day... HUGS

  4. The tea sounds wonderful, my friend! And oh, what a pretty tea cup and saucer!

    Good news...I'll be in Canada May 30-June 8. The plane tickets have been bought - yippee! Maybe we can meet up sometime {{smiles}} Hugs to you!

  5. Margie, I don't like floral blends either. The only flavored tea I drink with any regularity is Earl Grey, but I would have been pleased with this tea that it was just the orange that was dominant. I just found a 7-ounce tin of Earl Grey lurking in the cupboard. My husband must have put it away because it was NOT the tea cupboard--I found it lurking behind the tequila!

  6. This sounds lovely. I have a wee jar of something that sounds familiar. I must dig it out and use it. Like you, my tea stash is too big.

  7. What a dainty and pretty teacup!Hugs!

  8. You put me to shame. I just bought a ton of new teas that I didn't need AND a couple of teacups that were too pretty to leave behind.


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