Monday, December 2, 2019

4th Annual RBG Tea Festival

In early November, I went to the Annual RBG Tea Festival. This is the fourth year that the tea festival has been held at the beautiful Royal Botanical Gardens in Burlington.

I arrived promptly at opening time and made a beeline for Dessert by Deb's charming booth. I had a great chat with Deb (her past business was a tea subscription box called The Sugared Teacup). The dessert teas all smelled sooooo good! 

I also had a nice chat with Katie (not pictured), who owns one of my favorite local tea companies: Monarch Tea Co

Bottom: 3 Teas

 The lovely Linda from The Travelling Tea Room

Relaxing Rocco: This is the first tea business (to my knowledge) that is named after the owner's cat!

Samples from Teas and Toasts

Samples from Blair Elements (left) and Blue Mountain Tea Co (right).

Sencha green tea and matcha samples from Momo Tea.

The "Addicted to the Pot" sign made me smile.

Samples from Tumeric Teas
My favourite was the Bliss Organic Cocoa Lattle Blend.

The matcha hot chocolate from Plan De Vida was a big hit and sold out quickly.

The Consulate General of Sri Lanka was giving out free samples of their Ceylon Teas. It was interesting to see and taste the differences in teas from varied elevations.

I purchased this sparkly teapot broach from Teas and Toasts.

My tea haul from Blue Mountain Tea Co, Dessert by Deb, and the Monarch Tea Co.

My tea empties from the November sipdowns.
Whoops, I did it again! I brought home more teas than I finished!

Today is Cyber Monday. If you're looking for new or unique teas, please consider ordering online from these tea companies. Many of them are currently offering special promos. This is not a sponsored post. I just like to support local Canadian tea businesses--they work so hard to share their love and bring us high-quality tea!


  1. Wow! That was quite the outing, Margie! Tea Heaven? The matcha hot chocolate would have lured me in too. You no doubt enjoyed yourself at the Tea Festival. Love your sparkly teapot broach! Happy December and may this new week bring you many lovely cups of tea!

  2. You always take us to the nicest places, Margie. The teapot broach is so so pretty.

  3. It was so nice to find some time to chat with you this year. We appreciate you featuring photos of our booth over the years and your purchase of our sparkly teapot brooch.
    Many Thanks, Teas and Toasts
    As water is to life, and champagne is to celebration, surely tea is wisdom!

  4. Ooh another fun tea outing, Margie! It's ok that your brought home more teas to enjoy. I LOVE your pretty teapot brooch. You can enjoy that for years to come.

  5. A nice selection of teas. I must try turmeric tea. That's a charming brooch. Thelma..

  6. What a fun outing. The teas look amazing! Love the broach - it's just your style!

  7. This looks like so much fun, Margie, and that sparkly teapot brooch is so pretty! Thanks for sharing this fun experience with your readers!

  8. Such fun!That wonderful brooch is a great finding too.Hugs!

  9. What a wonderful TEA OUTING lady! I adore that beautiful pin. I have a tea pot, blue and white, pin from years ago when I attended a ladies retreat that was centered around all things TEA. You would have loved it. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  10. Looks like you had a good day and wow, what a variety of vendors. Love the pin too. You'll have to model it for us. :)

  11. Margie, I love how you bring us along on your tea outings and share your tea hauls with us!

  12. Tea overload, I would go crazy in a place so filled with tea wonders. The broach is a big hit, it's a head turner for sure, I have 3 tea pot broach's that I've had for years, but not as pretty as yours. Thank you again for all the pictures, I would have been there all day.


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