Monday, April 6, 2020

Bunnies in quarantine

We've made it to Holy Week!

The bunnies are running rampant in the valley.

There will be no chocolate bunnies this year...but I found this in my cupboard: Matcha Green Tea Chocolate Tins with a hint of Earl Grey.The "Best Before" date: April 30, 2019 (!!!)

The ingredients are: sugar, cocoa butter, whole milk powder, matcha green tea, natural flavour, soy lecithin, natural vanilla flavour, bergamot oil. 
Can I still eat "expired" chocolate: YES or NO

Easter will be very different this year.
But it's more important now than ever to celebrate our faith (at home).

Wishing you all a safe and blessed Easter!


  1. You have so many beautiful teacups in your collection, Margie!
    And the matcha green tea chocolates sound interesting! While in China I tried matcha green tea ice cream...different is all I can say!
    Happy new week!

  2. Beautiful Easter vignettes with lovely teacups!I don't know about you,but YES,I would eat expired chocolate if it looked good.Happy Easter!

  3. What sweet bunnies in your Easter display. Yes, it will be a strange Easter weekend this year. Stay safe!

  4. It will certainly be celebrated in a different way this year, a virtual gathering instead of face to face.

  5. I sure would be eating it, Margie! I love your pretty tea table and your tree. Yes, we will be practicing our Faith in our home. Blessed Holy Week to you. ✝️🙏🏻💒

  6. Girl, that chocolate would be hard not to at least taste. LOL! Loving your beautiful tea table. Matter of fact, I really love that table...swooning right now. Happy Resurrection day dear Margie. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  7. I vote YES. It's nice to be quarantined with bunnies! They are the sweetest. xo

  8. Margie, I love that moment when first contemplating being on lockdown when those of us who keep "excessive" amounts of tea on hand at all times realize we're all set! And, yes, I'd try the expired chocolate.


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