Monday, February 29, 2016

Lover's Leap

Happy Leap Day!

I'm celebrating the extra day of the year by sipping Lover's Leap black tea by the Metropolitan Tea Company.

Lover's Leap is classified as an "Estate Tea" because it originated from the region of Nuware Eliya in Sri Lanka. The name of the Lover's Leap Estate was derived from a Sri Lankan tale of forbidden love.  Differences in social status prohibited a couple in love from marrying each other so the star-crossed lovers jumped off the garden's waterfall to be together in eternity.

Lover's Leap is designated as an Orange Pekoe tea because it is comprised of whole tea leaves.

I drank the first cup without milk and sugar and found that Lover's Leap had a "lively astringency".

The subsequent cups of Lover's Leap were enjoyed with milk and sweetened with an apple cinnamon candy spoon which gave the tea a slight pinkish hue.

The Lover's Leap tea was sipped from the "Old Chelsea" Johnson Brothers teacup that I received in my  first teacup exchange back in March 2014. I was honoured to have my fun swap experience included in Stephanie's Testimonials From Past Tea Cup and Mug Exchanges. Click here to read about how I received pretty teacups and made friends that I never knew I wanted!

The Enchanting Rose
The Enchanting Rose's next tea cup and mug exchange is just around the corner. 
Come out and play!

I'm joining the following parties this week:


  1. This looks to be a lovely tea. I'm also enjoying this special day and it is a sunny one around here.

  2. Sounds like the perfect tea for today. That's a nice teacup you got in the exchange.

    1. Forgot to add that i just finished my version of the Teacup tree you saw at the Toronto Tea Festival.

  3. The Lover's Leap tea sounds delicious, but such a sad ending for the couple who had forbidden love! I usually have milk in my tea, and of course a little sweetener. I'm looking forward to the next teacup exchange and I enjoyed reading your testimony, Margie! Happy Leap Day!

  4. Dear Margie:
    I have tried this tea and yes it is very nice. I also love the cup and saucer. Lovely and so glad you shared. Have a nice week!

  5. Pretty teacup - and what an appropriate tea for today. I don't have any so I think I shall have a cup of green tea instead - always good for most any day.

  6. Sounds delicious and I love the name...Christine

  7. Hi Margie,
    The tea sounds lovely but such a sad tale attached to it! When I hear about stories of star crossed lovers, I always think of my hubby and me because we married in spite of what our parents wanted. {Thankfully we didn't have to end it all to be together.} I always take my tea and coffee black. Pretty teacup too. I always love to see Johnson Bros.! Thanks for sharing with us and have a super day.


  8. Love the name of the tea, even if it is associated with a tragic story. :) Beautiful tea cup!

  9. What an interesting tale for the name of the tea estate! I like your description of the tea. Is this an official type of description for tea tasting? I like tea with milk too, but no sweetening. That's a sweet little teacup! I have joined up for Stephanie's exchange too (first time).

  10. I love the story behind the tea. The tea cup is beautiful too.

  11. The perfect tea for Leap Day! I'm intrigued with your apple cinnamon spoon. I think it would go well with a strong black tea.
    I liked reading that your teacup was from your first exchange! I'm so excited to be participating in my second one. Having fun shopping for it!
    Take care,

  12. I never knew there was a special tea for this day. How nice indeed. I love your tea cup very pretty. Have a very wonderful day, with love Janice

  13. Hi Margie,
    I love orange pekoe teas. My grandmother used to read the tea leaves in our teacups. Such a pretty teacup your received. I have never participated in the teacup exchange but it does sound like a lot of fun! Happy Tea Day! Karen

  14. Hi Margie! I'd probably end up doing the same as you...plan black tea, add milk and sweetener ;). Thanks so much for sharing about the teacup exchange! I've been wanting to join ever since I first read about it, but I seem to constantly miss it. I signed up this year though!! I'm really excited :) Lovely cup and saucer.

    1. I should have read your comment on the exchange first--it was so sweet!

  15. The Lover's Leap tea sounds delicious, and I love the name... Have a nice day.

  16. Hi sweet friend! I can't believe I am just now getting around to visit you! Shame on me....

    What a fascinating tea - one that I have never heard of before.

    Have a fabulous week! Hugs!


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