Monday, February 8, 2016

Toronto Tea Festival 2016

At the end of January, I went to the Toronto Tea Festival. Canada's largest tea festival has something to offer to all tea enthusiasts and gets bigger and better each year!

T by Daniel's banner epitomizes tea lovers' happy dance over the mind-blowing assortment of teas offered by over 45 vendors. The majority of the companies are based in the Greater Toronto Area, but a few came from across the country.

The Udea Ryu style of Japanese tea ceremony was performed by Austin Wong.
To see the Korean and Chinese tea ceremonies at last year's festival, click here.

Left: Camellia Sinensis (top); Basilur Tea (bottom)
Right: Boreal Wildcraft Tea (top);  Blair Elements (bottom)

 Unique tea sets by Secret Teatime (left) and Shu Gallery (right). 
How cute are these panda chopsticks stands?

Lionel Richie would approve of this fun mug!

The pretty teaware collections that you can rent from Pekoe and Gray
I'm totally coveting the Duchess line (by Royal Albert) on the far left.

This charming "teacup tree" by Steeped Tea caught my eye (Hmm...future craft idea?).

Because my time at the festival was limited, I opted to visit the vendors and sample the teas instead of attending the scheduled talks.

I ventured out of my comfort zone and sampled the pu-erhs.
Left: Dragon Elixir by Tea Leaves was my favourite because of its subtle lemon flavour (I've always gravitated towards flavoured teas).
Middle: Jalam Teas (top); Blue Mountain Tea Company (bottom)
Right: Wait Tea House (top); Best-Z (bottom)

Oolong Teas
Left: Alishan Chin-Shing Oolong by Capital Tea
Top right: 2015 Tie Guan Yin - Classic by Zhen Tea
Middle right: Ginseng Oolong by Genuine Tea was my favourite because of its sweet, creamy taste (one of my tea flavour preferences). 
Bottom right: 1991 Aged Wenshang Baozhang by Crimson Teas--this is the oldest tea that I've ever tasted!

Chai Teas
Bottom: Chaiwala's masala chai was made with soy milk and sweetened with honey.  
This delicious chai was one of the Top 10 Teas of the 2016 Tea Taster Choice.

Flavoured Black Teas
Left: Passion Fruit from Teatips Ceylon
Middle: Guavalicious by T by Daniel
Right: Cream of Avalon by the Tea Emporium

Matcha Teas
The genmatcha teas by Momo Tea (left) and Tea Leaves (right) had a roasted rice flavour. 

Matcha Tea
Matcha tea made by Wold Tea Podcast.

Green and White Teas
 Left: Sencha Ginger Green Tea by Majesteas
Top right: Silver Needle White Tea by Tao Tea Leaf 
Bottom right: White Tea Champagne by Tea Sparrow was my favourite.

Herbal and Rooibos Teas
Left: African Queen by Tea Emporium (top); Rose Tea by King's Cafe (bottom)
Middle: Rooibos Tropicana by Tea Emporium (top); Caramel Creme Rooibos by Tea Talk (bottom)
Right: Strawberry Mint by Tea Sparrow

Left: The Nobel One is an Earl Grey blend. 
Middle: Magic Carpet herbal blend
Right: Turquoise Palace herbal blend

The tea swag that I scored.

Yes, I fell of my tea wagon. There goes my 4-month tea diet!
Technically, I only bought the White Tea Champagne by The Tea Sparrow.
The flavoured tea samples (Guavalicious; Canadian Eh?; Vanilla Coco Loco; Cottage Night; Night in Rio) from T by Daniel were an early Valentine's Day gift from my mom. Hee!

Because I'm a calendar nerd, I couldn't resist getting this tea-themed calendar by Camellia Sinensis, a Montreal-based company. It wasn't until I got home that I realized that the calendar was in French. Whoops!

One of the festival highlights for me was meeting the author, Linda Gaylard (aka the Tea Stylist), who kindly autographed her awesome Tea Book for me.

The Toronto Tea Festival was the perfect conclusion to Hot Tea Month!

I'm joining the following parties this week:


  1. I heard about this tea festival from a long-time tea friend. Thank you for sharing your fabulous photographs! Wow! Those of us who didn't attend missed out on a great festival!

  2. Wow, tea has certainly gone way past just a good cuppa! Until our tea exchange group, I'd never really tasted many teas beyond an Early Grey (ooo! so daring!). Glad you had a great time and knew what was what and had lots of taste delights!

  3. A tea-lover's paradise! You must have been in tea heaven Margie! How wonderful you had a chance to go and see all the different teas and displays. Thanks for sharing with us. xo Deborah

  4. Oh my goodness Margie, that is simply tea nirvana!!! The cup with Lionel Richie just made me chuckle. I would love to attend a tea festival like that. How nice that you got an autographed copy of the book on teas. I would've loved to sample all those fabulous teas. How was the 1991 tea? Thanks for sharing another fun outing with us.

  5. I have wanted to visit this festival but we're always heading south and I've not had the opportunity. Your photos are enjoyable showing all that goes on there, obviously worth the visit for tea lovers.
    My favourite pu-erh is chocolate orange from Davids Tea.

  6. Wow! Margie, what an opportunity you had to attend the Tea Festival! One would be in Tea heaven! So many different kinds. Some I've only heard about by reading the Tea Shop Mysteries. I adore the Duchess Line of Royal Albert! How pretty it is. So glad you take pictures and enable us to attend with you on your blog. Thanks so much for this treat.


  7. Oh my goodness- what a tea extravaganza! I don't even know how to comment - just wow wow wow!

    Oh, Margie, I think I need to visit Toronto this time next year, seriously - this looks like a BLAST! It's our drug of choice, haha. Thanks for the AWESOME info - you were so thorough, and it is greatly appreciated! HUGS! ♥

  8. Dear Margie:
    What great fun and so much to see and learn. There is a festival in May in the Kansas City area. I think unfortunately - Mother's Day weekend. So glad you shared.

  9. This seems like a fun way to spend the day if you are a tea lover. I don't know of anything like that here.


  10. Margie, what a wonderful opportunity. Thanks for sharing it with us all. No such opportunities in my area that is for sure!

  11. Looks and sounds like you had a great time at the tea festival. Our daughter goes each year. A few years ago she took the tea sommelier courses and she is also a Steeped tea representative. I love the tea cup tree and will have to make one of those for the garden this year.

  12. Margie, It must have been awesome to see so much tea related product. I love the Tea-Ara - What a great name. The tea tree is very inspiring crafts ideas are starting to perk. How was the Masala Chai?
    Thanks for sharing. Sylvia D.

  13. Hi Margie,
    Oh that tea festival sound so interesting and I would love to see the tea sets that you can rent. They are really lovely patterns. You are always going to such fun events. I don't think they have as many Tea Events in Vancouver, B.C. Happy Tea Day Dear Margie! Karen

  14. Hi Margie,
    Oh that tea festival sound so interesting and I would love to see the tea sets that you can rent. They are really lovely patterns. You are always going to such fun events. I don't think they have as many Tea Events in Vancouver, B.C. Happy Tea Day Dear Margie! Karen

  15. Hi Margie,
    a paradise for tea-lovers. Wonderful I find the Japanese tea ceremony, very much I had been there.
    Thank you for sharing !

  16. What wonderful teas and a nice place to visit!

  17. Interesting. Did not know about it. Next year's festival may be a tea destination as I live approximately 4-5 hours away . Love the tea ware for rent.

  18. Hi Margie! Wow, that festival rocks! Tea samples & china makes for a great day :). I'm not sure if I like puh-erh or not...what did you think comparatively? And, really, you had to get some tea. It is a once a year event. :) :) I was proud of myself for not getting a new tea when I was at teavana this weekend. It's hard.

  19. How fun! I won't make the Toronto festival, so glad you did! I used to love the Victoria, BC one before it closed, and have enjoyed the Seattle one. Thanks so much for taking us along with you. Sorry I am a bit late, my back has kept me off the computer the last few days! Thanks so much for linking to Tuesday Cuppa Tea!

  20. What a lucky trip to the Toronto festival you did! I'm so happy you could make it for an awesome tea gathering.
    Thanks for taking us along.
    Happy Valentine's.

  21. I wish we had a tea event somewhere close or in San Francisco it looks like fun with love Janice

  22. Looks like so much fun with so many interesting and pretty things!! The Lional Richie mug cracked me up!! Thanks for stopping by!!


  23. What an amazing tea fest Margie!
    I love all your photos and the Tea Book looks particularly interesting!

  24. How wonderful! I would absolutely love to attend a traditional Japanese or Chinese tea ceremony...that must have been such fun! Thank you for sharing!

  25. Thanks for wonderful post on tea Festival! My business partners are asking me to host couple of corporate events Chicago. I am not sure about how much business we can generate in Chicago but they are quite hopeful.


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