Monday, September 28, 2020

Tea Haul: Tea at the White House

This Tea at the White House haul is *technically* a belated birthday gift because I used a gift card to make the purchase.

Soy candles that smell like Cream Earl Grey and scones? 
Yes, please!

Restock on faves: Bengal Tiger black tea (a cinnamon mango and passion fruit tea) and Monk's Blend decaf.
I'm already thinking about Christmas: Candy Cane black tea and German Gingerbread black tea.

I'm well equipped for the cozy autumn season!


  1. I bet the candles smell lovely. Good for you getting stocked up for some Christmas teas.

  2. Your tea haul looks amazing. As you say, you are well ready for the cozy autumn season. We love Monk's Blend.

  3. Mmmmmm I’ll bet those candles smell wonderful, Margie. You also picked up some great sounding teas! You are set for all things cozy!

  4. Oh I love me a good smelling candle. But, my husband actually loves them probably better than me. If I was home everyday I would have a candle lit just for him cause he loves them so much. Girl...sounds like some good teas there. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  5. Your candles sound lovely! I love candles lit this time of year. You have a great selection of teas. I've never had Monk's blend. I'm thinking about Christmas too and I am going to start decorating as soon as the guy comes to clean our pellet stove in the family room. Then I plan to set out my Christmas village. I haven't had it out in years because it is so much work but once I have it out, it will stay put until March. I figure if I get it out early, then I will have the incentive to decorate in that room which is where I'm putting our big tree this year. It takes me a while to decorate so I will try to get a jump on it. I think many of us are going to decorate early because we all need a pick me upper. Covid has made it a difficult year so we all need a little Christmas early. Have a nice weekend, Margie!


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