Monday, April 24, 2017

Art & Tea

Earlier this month, I attended the free preview of the Dundas Valley School of Art's Annual Action.

This is the first time I attended the auction which showcased over 1,400 original artwork by art masters, as well as local established and new artists. I didn't see the pieces by Picasso and Renoir, but it's possible that this philistine missed it? Naturally, I was drawn to the tea-themed paintings.

"Wake Up Tea" by Lisa Feit

"Lost Teapot" by Hilda Nieboer

"White Tea Pot Still Life" by Laurie Wonfor Nolan

I didn't catch the artist who created these Three Stooges chairs.
Larry, Moe and Curly are definitely conversation pieces!

Wendy, this paddle artwork is for you: "Hope is the Thing..." by John Doherty

 This year's art auction successfully raised a record-breaking $100,000 to support the DVSA.

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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

2017 Spring Teacup Exchange

In the spring, a teacup lover's fancy lightly turns to thoughts of The Enchanting Rose's Teacup Exchange.

A massive THANK YOU goes out to our wonderful hostess, Stephanie, for all the time and effort that she spent organizing the 10th exchange which has expanded to over 200 participants from around the world!

I was paired up with Jacqueline from New York. 
Since Jacqueline doesn't have a blog, I'm sharing what I sent her here.

Jacqueline is interested in the Victorian era so I sent her a Victorian-themed package. 
I received the vintage-style kitchen linens on my last birthday and managed to find the same ones to give to Jacqueline.

I sent Jacqueline a teacup from my own collection. 
After much contemplation, I selected this teacup decorated with yellow roses. During the Victorian era, flowers were used to relay secret messages. Back in the Victorian times, yellow roses stood for jealousy. Today, yellow roses symbolize friendship. 

"I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship." (From Casablanca).

The lovely thank you card from Jacqueline.

I was beyond thrilled to receive this wonderful package from Barbara in Texas.
I was humbled and touched by Barbara's thoughtfulness and generosity. She even handcrafted items that were tailored to my obsession interests (TEA!) and favourite colours (purple, yellow, and turquoise).

Tasty goodies to accompany my cups of tea.

Vintage napkins embroidered by Barbara.
How sweet are the tea-themed designs?

Barbara confessed that she had difficulty parting with this pretty Hammersley teacup decorated with sweet peas (we've all been there, right?!?). Lucky for me, she overcame her internal struggle and sent this beauty my way!

Thank you for the gorgeous teacup and wonderful goodies, Barbara!

The Magnificent Seven

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Monday, April 17, 2017

Easter Violets

Last week, we celebrated the arrival of spring and Easter with another tea social at work. 

I brought in my violet chintz tea set.

For Tea's Sake Sour Apple Martini green tea (not pictured) was sipped from the demitasse cups. The light and fruity green tea was a hit with my co-workers!

My co-workers brought a well-balanced variety of delicious food.
Top (left to right): kale, rice
Bottom (left to right): apple, carrots

I continued to enjoy sweet treats during the Eater weekend...

Easter Weekend Dessert #1: Carrot Cupcake

Easter Weekend Dessert #2: Chocolate Chip Hot Cross Bun

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Monday, April 10, 2017

Bunny Hop

Lately, I've been on a quest for Easter egg desserts. 

Easter Egg Dessert #1: Mini-egg cookie dough from The Horn of Plenty.

The cookie dough has no dairy products so it's safe to eat. It was surprisingly filling and it took me 2 days to consume the HUGE scoop of yumminess! I look forward to trying out the other cookie dough flavours (chocolate chip, Reese's pieces).

Easter Egg Dessert #2: Mini Egg Ice Cream by Foundry Ice Cream.

When I opened the container, there were a couple of colourful mini eggs perched on top of the ice cream, but the other eggs were the plain chocolate ones (quite different from its Instagram shot). My taste buds were underwhelmed. Next time, I'll stick to my favourite Foundry flavour: London Fog (Earl Grey).

 I purchased this adorable duvet cover from Quilts Etc. last fall.

I didn't mind that it was part of the QE Kids' line. You all know my shopping equation:  
Tea Time + Purple  = SOLD!

The bunnies have been multiplying at my place!

Hoppy Easter!

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Monday, April 3, 2017

Berto's Cuisine

Last Saturday, I had brunch at Berto's Cuisine (Mississauga, Ontario), a family-run restaurant that serves Filipino food.

The wooden spoon and fork hanging on the wall is a Filipino household tradition that symbolizes health and prosperity. The spoon and fork are usually oversized, but Berto's utensils were about the size of a spatula.

Puto Pao is a steamed rice bun with meat filling.

My Tapisolog consisted of beef, fried rice, egg, tomato and atsara (papaya relish).

The Filipino version of bubble tea: Special Sago at Gulaman.
A refreshing beverage made of tapioca beads, jelly. brown sugar syrup and water.

Berto's reasonably-priced food was delicious, and their service was excellent!
Berto's Cuisine is a wonderful addition to the restaurant scene in the greater Toronto area.

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