Monday, July 31, 2023

July wrap-up: new teas and tea empties

We're in the thick of summer and I'm still drinking hot teas!


New tea #1 (Murchie's): Victorian Garden is a delicious fruity black and green tea blend.


New tea #2 (Tealish): Fairy Dust is a strawberry kiwi roiboos that would also make a tasty iced tea.


New tea #3 (DavidsTea): Pink Papayadise fruit infusion was a refreshing cold brewed tea.


 July tea empties

What I will or have already restocked:
1) Lavender Peach Pound Cake green tea (Dessert by Deb)
2) Rated R black tea (T by Daniel)
3) Sleepy Lychee fruit infusion (DavidsTea)
4) Lavender Buttercream roiboos (DavidsTea)

 Tomorrow: Salt air, and the rust on your door

Monday, July 24, 2023

Christmas in July: Thrifted Teawares

I always keep an eye out for Christmas teawares, even when it's out of season. This past weekend, I scored a couple of great holiday finds at my local thrift stores!


I initially passed on this large poinsettia teacup by Gracie's Teawares because I thought that the $7.99 CAD price tag was expensive for a secondhand teacup. But I couldn't stop thinking about it and it's so hard to find poinsettia teawares so I went back the next day and bought it! The large teacup is about twice the size of a standard teacup!

I didn't hesitate to snag these cute reindeer mugs which hold your tea and cookie at the bottom. I was gifted the same mug a few years ago, and the price ($3.99 CAD for the pair) was right!

Only 5 months left until Christmas Eve!

Monday, July 17, 2023

Church Garage Sale Haul #2: More teawares

I'm trying to be more intentional with my tea-related purchases. But I have no willpower against garage sale deals!


I rescued this orphaned Coalport teacup. The pretty blue and white bird design just spoke to me.


I also picked up this cute jug (which is perfect for our milk bags) and green mug.


I thought this miniature teacup would make a good ornament for my tea-themed tree. I just need to glue the teacup to the saucer.


A 2-tier "Shadow Rose" by Royal Tudor Ware

These 5 items cost me a grand total of $3 CAD!


Do you remember the cracked Paragon teacup?

I used my cracked teacups and tiered tray to organize my charging cables!

Monday, July 10, 2023

Purple teawares for Speak Now TV

Taylor Swift's third album, Speak Now, is my favourite album of hers, so I was beyond excited for the release of Speak Now (Taylor's Version) on July 7th.


The Speak Now era colour is purple (my fave colour!), so my tea wagon was decked in different shades of purple!


This gorgeous cast-iron teapot is the only purple teapot in my collection.


I may not have purple teapots, but I do have purple knitted tea cozies!

My lavender-themed tea corner. 

I purchased this Southern Belle upcycled vintage linens tea cosy from a Canadian Etsy seller.

I stayed up past midnight for the music drop and listened to Speak Now TV on Spotify.

On Friday morning (I took the day off because I don't work on new Taylor Swift album days), I watched the YouTube lyric videos while drinking Sakura Milk Pana Cotta oolong by Dessert by Deb (who is also a Swiftie!).

It's tough to be a Canadian Swiftie because the cds and vinyl are harder to find at here. I had to call multiple record stores before I found one (20 minutes away from me) that literally just received the package that morning! So I rushed over to secure the goods!

Long live all the magic we made.

Monday, July 3, 2023

Teas I Drank on Canada Day

I celebrated Canada Day (July 1) by drinking teas from Canadian tea companies!

Canadian cup of tea #1: Monarch Tea Co.'s Maple Cream Black Tea

Canadian cup of tea #2: DavidsTea Co.'s Strawberry Kiwi Capri White Tea (cold brewed)


 Canadian cup of tea #3: Tealish's Zesty Ginger Rooibos Tea


Canadian cup of tea #4: Dessert by Deb's Orange Creamsicle Mousse Rooibos Tea


June tea empties

What I will or have already restocked:
1) Tropicalia fruit infusion (DavidsTea)
2) Witchy Watermelon fruit infusion (DavidsTea)
What I may repurchase in the future:
1) Banana Nut Bread Honeybush (Monarch Tea Co)