Monday, December 26, 2022

2022 Wrap-Up

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas weekend!


Tea Advent Calendar

Day 19
DIY: Monarch Tea Co.'s Caramel Apple Spice green tea
Charbrew: Peppermint

Day 20
DIY: Murchie's Christmas Tea black tea
Charbrew: Earl Grey

Day 21
DIY: DavidsTea's Eggnog matcha latte
Charbrew: Afternoon (?) black tea


Day 22
DIY: Teamancy's Candy Cane black tea
Charbrew: Summer Berry (?) black tea

Day 23
DIY: Dessert by Deb's Hojicha Gingerbread Bundt
Charbrew: Afternoon (?) black tea

Day 24
DIY: Ashby's Christmas Spice black tea
Charbrew: English Breakfast (?) black tea


Day 25
Charbrew: Earl Grey

One of the tea highlights in 2022 was the outdoor Platinum Jubilee tea party hosted by a friend.


The Afternoon Tea at the Shangri-La was another memorable tea moment this year.


End-of-the-Year Tea Haul #1: Geek+Tea
I was saddened when one of my favourite tea companies announced that they were shutting down their tea business in December. I was grateful that I was able to do a bulk order (500 grams!) of my favourite blend, As You Wish black tea.   

End-of-the-Year Tea Haul #2: Dessert by Deb

This is my Christmas gift to myself. I can't wait to try out the new teas from Dessert by Deb's Little Paris Cake Shoppe!


January to November tea empties

Thank you all for all the visits and comments throughout 2022.

Looking forward to another year of tea appreciation!

Monday, December 19, 2022

Teas the season!

 This week I'm sharing my festive teawares.

Pretty poinsettia teacups and teapots

Christmas tree teawares

Jolly Old St. Nicholas teapots

Whimsical winter wonderland

Gingerbread nook

Tea Advent Calendar
Day 11
DIY:  DavidsTea's Candy Cane Matcha
Charbrew: Chai

Day 12
DIY: Dessert by Deb's Banana Gingerbread black tea
Charbrew: Summer Berry (?) black tea

Day 13
DIY: Murchie's Ode to Joy green and oolong
Charbrew: Peppermint

Day 14
DIY: Dessert by Deb's Panettone Cake black tea
Charbrew: Chai

Day 15
DIY: DavidsTea's Elf Help green tea
Charbrew: Chamomile

Day 16
DIY: Twinings' Gingerbread Joy black tea
Charbrew: Summer Berrry (?) black tea

Day 17
DIY: Dessert by Deb's Salted Maple Sugar Croquembouche oolong, black, rooibos (my order hasn't arrived yet, so this image is from the website)
Charbrew: English Breakfast (?) black tea

Day 18
DIY: Geek+Tea's Holiday Spice black tea
Charbrew: Earl Grey black tea

Wishing you a blessed and joyful Christmas!

Monday, December 12, 2022

Afternoon Tea at the Shangri-La

Last month, I went to my first afternoon tea in 3 years!


The afternoon tea at the Shangri-La Toronto offered an "exceptionally unique gastronomic experience".

The tasty Shangri-La Signature Blend Black Tea was served in a beautiful Wedgwood teapot and teacup.

Afternoon tea for kids

Our server poured dry ice over the fruits on the tiered tray for dramatic presentation.

Afternoon tea for adults

The unique and scrumptious scone and savouries: Caviar & Potato, Sable Fish, and Mushroom.

Our delectable desserts: peanut caramel cookies and a cherry almond pistachio cake.

The Trompe L'Oeil Fruit Desserts were handsculpted to appear like real fruits, but the skins were actually made of chocolate! The pear was filled with caramel, cinnamon, and dulcey mousse and pear jelly, while the apple was filled with dill, lime, and zephyr mousse and apple jelly.

The Shangri-La afternoon tea was definitely one of the best afternoon teas that I've ever had!

 Tea Advent Calendar
Day 5
DIY: DavidsTea's Gingerbread Matcha
Charbrew: Summer Berry black tea

Day 6:
DIY: Geek+Tea's Hearthside Cider oolong
Charbrew: Rose Blush black tea

Day 7
DIY: Harney & Sons' White Christmas white tea
Charbrew: Chamomile

Day 8
DIY: Dessert by Deb's Almond Gingersnap Cookie black tea
Charbrew: Rose Blush black tea

Day 9:
DIY: Stash Tea's Christmas in Paris herbal tea
Charbrew: Afternoon black tea

Day 10
DIY: DavidsTea's Christmas Morning black tea
Charbrew: Earl Grey black tea

Monday, December 5, 2022

2022 Tea-Themed Trees

I'm thrilled with how my tea-themed trees turned out this year.


In my heart is a Christmas tree filled with teapots and teacups.

This year's 8 foot-tree have some fun new additions.


I found these beautiful glass teapot and kettle ornaments at a local garden center.


Love the vintage vibe of these charming reindeer and Santa ornaments from Michaels.



Let's pretend these whimsical ornaments ornaments are tea lattes or tea-infused hot cocoa.


My aunt gifted me these adorable vintage Queen Anne bone china demitasse cups.



These ornaments are actually espresso cups, but I thought they'd be perfect for my tree.



This adorable 2003 teapot ornament was a thrift store find.


Do you remember the teacup with the broken handle
I repurposed it as a bell!


These handmade ornaments were inspired by Taylor Swift's Midnights album.



My teabag tree also had a new ornament, courtesy of my godson, that matches the tea latte plush toys.



Tea Advent Calendar

Day 1
DIY: Dessert by Deb's Sugar Plum Coffee Cake black tea
Charbrew: English Breakfast black tea

Day 2
DIY: DavidsTea's Silver Bells oolong
Charbrew: Chamomile

Day 3
DIY: Clearview Tea Co.'s Gingerbread Pearcake green tea
Charbrew: Peppermint

Day 4
DIY: Murchie's Roasted Chestnut black tea
Charbrew: Chai


I can still make the whole place shimmer!