Monday, August 12, 2019

Dessert by Deb

Back in June, I ordered some teas from Dessert by Deb, a new tea business by Deborah Wong, a fellow tea lover from Toronto. Deborah's first business was The Sugared Teacup Tea Boxes and Tea Subscription which she shut down in late 2018 so she could focus on her new line of organic dessert teas (a partnership with Lemon Lily).

My tea package included these super cute postcards (teabags and teapots) and stickers (bubble teas) that were designed by Deb herself.

I loved the handwritten note! I was touched that Deborah remembered meeting me at the RBG Tea Festival last November.

I'm a coconut fan so I had to try the coconut teas from the collection.

The lemon coconut pie black tea was delicious and had a subtle fruity taste.

I also enjoyed the yummy coconut maple custard black tea--it made a great latte!

I'm looking forward to drinking the other teas in my package:
-Chocolate, berries and cream black tea
-Coco goji island green tea
-Berry bouquet green tea (this was a free sample)

I know, I know. I've been trying to limit my tea purchases this year, but I wanted support Deborah's new business! Hopefully, Dessert by Deb will be at the RBG Tea Festival this year.

Monday, August 5, 2019

A Royal Albert Teacup: Sensation

This week, I'm sharing a teacup that I found at a church sale last spring.

I was drawn to the teal band and colourful roses.

This teacup is part of the Royal Albert Garland Series (circa 1970s to 1980s) which has six patterns. The teal pattern is called Sensation.

Monday, July 29, 2019

Cold brewed tea & cake

Copious amounts of iced teas have been keeping me cool during the scorching temperatures.

I like to cold brew my tea.

Last weekend, we found this tasty cake at our local grocery store: 
Lemon Blueberry Earl Grey Cake

"Earl Grey tea infused sponge cake layered with zesty lemon mousse and a refreshing wild blueberry filling. Finished with lemon frosting, and decadent white chocolate shavings."  (Source: La Rocca Creative Cakes website)

Monday, July 22, 2019

Bad blogger & bargains

I've tried out some interesting new teas and organized pop-up teas at work this month. For example, last week, we had a "Christmas in July" pop-up tea where we enjoyed Santa chocolate (a Christmas gift) with Poached Pear Brulee organic black tea. But I've been too lazy to take photos. Blogger fail!

I found this charming welcome mat for $4 at Dollarama (many items are actually $1 plus). How cute are the alphabet tea sets? It's too nice to use outside so it's become an indoor mat.

My friend made me this Taiwanese iced tea. I can't recall the ingredients. It had a delicious coffee flavour...but it didn't actually contain coffee?

Last week, I was craving ice cream at work. But I didn't want to spend $5 on a tiny cup of frozen yogurt. So I bought a 1.66L tub of Breyers Cookies & Cream ice cream at Shoppers (across from the office) and had a pop-up ice cream at the office. The ice cream was on sale for only $2.99 and it fed half a dozen people on TWO consecutive days!

Monday, July 15, 2019

A surprise tea package

Back in May, I received a surprise package from Teresa, one of my teacup swap partners.

How cute is this wrapping paper?!?

Love the pretty teacup design of this Carol Wilson notepad.

Not for consumption: Bathtub Tea

Top: Twinings Tea samples
Bottom: Republic of Tea samples

An elegant photo frame

Thank you, Teresa, for the wonderful package!

Monday, July 8, 2019

My Cup of Tea Dessert

Last Saturday, a friend and I met up for afternoon tea at My Cup of Tea in Richmond Hill.

We made reservations for 12 pm. By 1 pm, all the other tables were filled. 

I really liked how we could see and smell the teas--30 black, green, and herbal blends--before selecting one.

I picked the honey fig herbal tea. This delicious fruity tea was served in Eastern-style teacups.

The Spring Tea set for two.
Love, love, love the beautiful presentation!

The scrumptious savouries and melt-in-your-mouth scones.

The desserts were almost too pretty to eat...but that didn't stop us!

I've been wanting to visit My Cup of Tea since last year and the afternoon tea experience exceeded my high expectations.

Monday, July 1, 2019

Canada Day Long Weekend

Happy Canada Day to my fellow Canadians!

Image taken at a local market and bakery.
Gotta love it when Canada Day falls on a Monday so that we have a long weekend! We couldn't have asked for better weather: blue skies and hot temperatures.

Last Saturday, I tried out the iced Exotic Berries Oolong Tea from Citizen Tea. It was a refreshing drink!

Davids Tea was giving out free teas in celebration of Canada Day. I tried the Coco Colada herbal tea. The pina colada taste was pretty subtle.

Highlight of the long weekend: I met my aunt's adorable 4-month old puppy, Miley. How cute are these outfits?!? I'm glad that she liked the salamander toy that we gave her.

Enjoy the first week of July!