Monday, April 24, 2023

April Tea Haul: DavidsTea

 It's been over 4 months since my last DavidsTea purchase.


I caved and finally checked out my online cart when I saw this gorgeous purple mug. The butterflies change colour when you fill the mug with hot water (see photo below).



I took advantage of the Friends and Families sale (20% off regular-priced loose leaf tea) to try some new teas form the spring collection: Jelly Donut rooibos, Bahama Blue fruit infusion, and Horchata Chai mate.

I also purchased the Cherry Blossom matcha and used my rewards to get the pricey Matcha Matsu for free.


The Jelly Donut Rooibos was a delicious blend with strong strawberry notes. I enjoyed it both as a hot tea and iced latte!  Jelly Donut is now sold out online, so I'm happy that I got the chance to try it out!

The Horchata Chai mate was a lovely spiced tea. It would also make a great iced or cold-brewed latte.

I think that the Cherry Blossom matcha is one of my favourite DavidsTea matchas. I enjoyed it as a hot latte in this beautiful teacup that Lyn from Australia sent me in a teacup swap years ago.


I'm grateful to see the cherry blossoms in bloom this year!

Monday, April 17, 2023

Teacup shoes

Last month, a work friend sent me a screenshot of teacup shoes (not my size) being sold in a local Facebook Buy and Sell group. I had to have the shoes and found an online Canadian retailer that was selling the shoes in my size AND they were 50% off!


I was nervous about ordering shoes online, but they fit me perfectly and were so comfy.

The shoe brand, Alegria, creates fun and comfortable footwear for nurses and other shift workers who are on their feet all day/night! I have a sedentary job, but my feet needs orthotic-friendly shoes.


The teacups are so pretty! The shoes would go well with pants, skirts, or dresses. Looking forward to wearing them this spring!

Monday, April 10, 2023

Chocolate teas for Easter

 I hope that everyone had a wonderful Easter weekend!

I've been getting my chocolate fix with some delectable chocolate-flavoured teas.

Chocolate Tea #1 (hot tea): Chocolate Lavender Truffles black tea by Dessert by Deb

Chocolate Tea #2 (hot tea): S'mores Chai pu-erh by DavidsTea

Chocolate Tea #3 (hot tea): Dark Chocolate Orange black tea by DavidsTea
Chocolate Tea #4 (hot latte): Hazelnut chocolate pu-erh by DavidsTea

Chocolate Tea #5 (cold brewed latte): Organic Banana Chocolate Latte black tea by Monarch Tea Co.

Chocolate Tea #6 (iced latte): Chocolate Earl Grey black tea by DavidsTea

Monday, April 3, 2023

Easter Decor 2023

The bunnies have run rampant around my place.

My dining table


My tea wagon


 My corner shelf


My side table


March tea empties

What I've already restocked:
1) Salted Caramel Oolong (DavidsTea)
2) Sweet Potato Pie black tea (DavidsTea)

What I may repurchase in the future:
1) Anniversary Blend black tea (Monarch Tea Co)
2) Chocolate Lavender Truffles black tea (Dessert by Deb)
3) Almond Orange Blossom Madeleines rooibos (Dessert by Deb)


 Wishing you a joyful Easter!