Monday, April 3, 2023

Easter Decor 2023

The bunnies have run rampant around my place.

My dining table


My tea wagon


 My corner shelf


My side table


March tea empties

What I've already restocked:
1) Salted Caramel Oolong (DavidsTea)
2) Sweet Potato Pie black tea (DavidsTea)

What I may repurchase in the future:
1) Anniversary Blend black tea (Monarch Tea Co)
2) Chocolate Lavender Truffles black tea (Dessert by Deb)
3) Almond Orange Blossom Madeleines rooibos (Dessert by Deb)


 Wishing you a joyful Easter!


  1. Love your tea wagon and oh do I ever love the purple and white tea set! Almond Orange Blossom sounds so good. That sorta struck my fancy reading the name. Happy week to you Margie. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  2. Now those are the kind of bunnies I like “running rampant “, Margie! Your Violet tea
    Set is so pretty and I love each and every teacup and nook and cranny in your home. I love that you say “tea wagon” like I do. Some people call it a tea cart. I hope you have a blessed Holy Week and a Happy Easter!

  3. Oh those bunnies! They do get everywhere, but at least they aren't in someone's garden munching on fresh salad greens. The Almond Orange Blossom Madeleine tea sounds very intriguing.
    Happy Easter, Margie!

  4. Wonderful vignettes! So inspiring and adorable! Happy Easter!

  5. Love your tea wagon.☕
    Today I had orange oolong tea with nata de coco.

    Happy Easter, Margie.

  6. What a beautiful tea set with violets!! And well decorated with bunnies.
    Continuation of Happy Easter!

  7. Tem decorações maravilhosas, Margie! Não poderiam decorar melhor, a sua casa, para esta época! Está tudo com imenso gosto! Adorei ver! Estimo que tenha passado uma Páscoa muito agradável, com saúde e na companhia dos seus!
    Um beijinho


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