Monday, September 26, 2022

Pumpkin Spice Kinda Life

We're officially in the cozy, cardigan-wearing, pumpkin tea-drinking season!

My collection of pumpkin mugs.

The teapot was gifted to me years ago.

Pumpkin Tea #1: Decaf Pumpkin Spice black tea by Stash Tea


Pumpkin Tea #2: Pumpkin Juice Chai by Geek+Tea

Pumpkin Tea #3: Pumpkin Chai by DavidsTea



Pumpkin Tea #4: Pumpkin Cream black tea by Monarch Tea


Pumpkin Tea #5: Hojicha Pumpkin Scone green tea by Dessert by Deb


Pumpkin Tea #6: Pumpkin Pie Matcha Latte by DavidsTea 



I couldn't resist these cute tea towels and small hanging pillow from Dollar Tree.

What's your favourite pumpkin tea? 

Monday, September 19, 2022

A tea in honour of Queen Elizabeth II

Yesterday, I had a special tea time in honour of the late Queen Elizabeth II.


The Queen had tea every day.


Sipping the Queen's favourite tea, Earl Grey, in my Elizabethan teacup.


The purple crown and union jack sugar cookies were from a local bakery.




Monday, September 12, 2022

Cottonwood Mansion's Heritage Tea Blend

I've been on the hunt for a creamy lavender tea that is NOT a Lavender Earl Grey. So I was excited when I found out that one of my favourite tea companies, Monarch Tea Co., created Cottonwood Mansion's very own tea blend.


"The Cottonwood Heritage Blend is a vanilla cream black tea with lavender buds and rose petals, and is inspired by Victorian tea blends." (Source)


 Sipping the tea in my Royal Albert Lavender Rose teacup.

It was a delicious creamy tea with light floral notes.


 Photo Credit: Jessi McConnell / Cottonwood Mansion Museum

The Cottonwood Mansion Museum is a country estate that was built in 1860-70 and converted into a "living museum that encourages the public to experience the heritage of the Victorian era". 

Cottonwood Mansion offers special events such as the Classic Car Show (love the purple car!!!), Farmer's Market, Craft & Tractor Show, and afternoon tea. The Mansion and green space can be rented for wedding and private events.

I wished that I lived closer so that I could join one of their charming afternoon tea events!


Monday, September 5, 2022

Autumn Approaches

As summers draws to an end, the autumn vibes in the valley grow stronger.

I've been wanting a "Hello Pumpkin" mug for ages, so I was thrilled to find this adorable mug at HomeSense (aka HomeGoods in the U.S.).

My seasonal teawares

August tea empties

What I've already stockpiled or restocked:
1) DavidsTea Tropicalia fruit infusion
2) DavidsTea Lime Gelato Green Tea
3) Dessert by Deb's Orange Creamsicle Mousse rooibos

What I may repurchase from time to time:
1) DavidsTea Maracuja Mango black tea

Have you started decorating for fall?


Monday, August 29, 2022

End-of-Summer Tea Haul: Dessert by Deb

A few weeks ago, Dessert by Deb released some new summer teas to add to her existing collections. My tea savings account was READY for this midsummer drop!


Deb's delightful packaging never ceases to amaze me. I especially love the heartfelt handwritten note!


Dessert by Deb is one of the few companies that still provide tea samples...


...and free goodies for newsletter subscribers who spend a certain amount!


I took advantage of her subscriber bonus promos to restock on a couple of faves.

The teas that I actually paid for!


I enjoyed the Pineapple Float Milkshake black tea in my pineapple mug. Next time I'll try this tasty tropical tea with milk!


The Sour Peach Gummy green tea did taste like the candy (without the sugar)!


Watermelon Lime Slush oolong was a refreshing combo that would also make an excellent iced tea!

Japanese Hojicha Milk Bread green and oolong tea was a lovely creamy tea. Now it's got me craving milk bread...


During the last few months, I've also tried additional delicious teas from my spring haul.
Top: Earl's Blueberry Parfait black tea (left); Hojicha Berry Shortcake green tea (right)
Bottom: Banana Chocolate Chunk Muffins black tea (left); Watermelon Jasmine oolong (right)
Are you still sipping summer teas? 

Monday, August 22, 2022

Rescuing more teacups

When a member of my local "Buy Nothing" group offered 3 (three) vintage teacups, I was more than happy to rescue them!


Teacup #1: I love the ruby red roses with the teal accents.


This teacup was by Royal Vale (Pattern # 7978, circa 1962).



Teacup #2: I love the blue and yellow flowers and the dainty design inside the cup.


This teacup was also by Royal Vale (Pattern #8328, circa 1962).



Teacup #3 is my favourite: The pretty purple flowers and brown leaves have strong fall vibes.


This teacup is by Queen Anne (Pattern #8344, circa 1959+).

These teacups used to belong to the gifter's mom, but she had to downsize her collection when she moved into a nursing home. So the gifter was happy that they went to a good home!

Monday, August 15, 2022

Random Tea-Related Purchases

 I've been trying SO hard not to buy any new teas...


...but I just couldn't resist this New English Teas Earl Grey (80 teabags for $9.99 CAD).

Yes, I bought it for the beautiful lavender tea tin! I found the Earl Grey tin at HomeSense. Costco (US and Canada stores) also sold the English Breakfast Tea (240 teabags): Alice in Wonderland, Beatrix Potter, Pink Victorian, Turquoise Victorian.


Dollar Tree Find #1: Tea time and cake for the fairy garden or tiered tray.


Dollar Tree Find #2: Velvet teacup art that you colour in yourself


Dollarama Find: Freeman's Deep Cleansing Soap-Infused Sponge (Green Tea) for $2. 

The ingredients didn't include camellia sinensis though, so maybe the green tea is the soap scent? 

Monday, August 8, 2022

Tea and Matcha Lemonades

I've been sipping the summer away with some delicious teas and matchas topped with lemonade.


Tea Lemonade #1: Earl Grey Black Tea


Tea Lemonade #2: Southern Lemon Black Tea (tastes like sweet tea!)

Matcha Lemonades (L-R):

1) Raspberry Matcha
2) Watermelon Matcha
3) Unsweetened Peach Matcha

A splash of lemonade softens the matcha's vegetal taste.
Do you drink tea or matcha lemonades?

Monday, August 1, 2022

Repurposing broken teacups: Tiered Tray

Do you remember the teacup that I accidentally cracked when washing? 

I've found a second life for it as a tiered tray!


Tier Tray (Short Version)


Tiered Tray (Tall Version)

The pieces aren't glued together so I can have fun mixing and matching them!

July tea empties

Teas that I've already restocked:
1) DavidsTea Happy Kombucha oolong

Teas that I may repurchase from time:
1) DavidsTea Watermelon Mint fruit infusion
2) DavidsTea Maui Madness fruit infusion
3) DavidsTea Kiwi Lemonade fruit infusion
4) DavidsTea Peach Zing fruit infusion
5) Dessert by Deb Lemon Lavender Spritzer green tea

Monday, July 25, 2022

New teas I tried in July

Let's wrap up July with the new teas that I tried this month!


Green Teas

Top: Genuine Tea's Lavender Sencha was a pleasant green tea blend of berries and lavender. 

Bottom: I finally tried the Genmaicha tea that my friend gave me when she visited the Tokyo Disney Resort in 2019 (!).


DavidsTea's fruity matchas were perfect for the summer! Next time, I'll have to try them as iced lattes.

Left: Banana

Right: Peach Unsweetened (top) and Blueberry (bottom)


 More fruity blends from DavidsTea that are also great cold brewed.

Left: Happy Kombucha is a mango oolong

Right: Reishi Relax is a berry fruit infusion (top); Bumbleberry Burst is a berry pu-erh (bottom)


What have you been sipping this summer?


Monday, July 18, 2022

Church Garage Sale Haul #3

The final church garage sale didn't disappoint with the tea-related treasures. 

I couldn't resist getting three (3) teacups for only $2 each.


Teacup #1: The August teacup from the Royal Albert Flower of the Month series


Teacup #2: "K" from Paragon's Flower Festival series


Teacup #3:I loved the seafoam green colour. 
The backstamp looks new, but I can't read the pottery's name. Can you make it out?


Tea cozy #1: The blue embroidery is so pretty!


Tea cozy #2: Time for Tea!


This vase gave Murano glass (from Italy) vibes. But my online research says it's likely a vintage vase (circa 1970s?) from Japan...


This plastic tray is perfect for outdoor tea times.


I got this basket... display my teacups!