Monday, October 31, 2022

Halloween Teas

Happy Halloween!

During spooky month, I enjoyed DavidsTea's new Halloween fruit infusion teas.


Trick or Treat is a "Carnival-inspired caramel corn lightly coated in butter" tea. I'm glad I tried it, but it's not a fave. I think I would have preferred a caramel corn flavour profile on a black tea base.


Witchy Watermelon had the cutest witch hat sprinkles and tasted like a Jolly Rancher watermelon candy.
It's hard to see in the photo, but the tea is purple! This would also be enjoyable cold brewed or iced.

October tea empties

What I've already restocked or will repurchase:
1) Dessert by Deb's Bobba Milk Tea
2) Dessert by Deb's Lychee Mango Mochi green tea
3) DavidsTea Banana Matcha

Monday, October 24, 2022

Meet Me at Midnight: T Party

On October 21, my favourite blonde, Dr. Taylor Alison Swift, released a new album, Midnights, at midnight.

Yes, I stayed up late for the album release and the "special very chaotic surprise" at 3 am (!). I took Friday off because I don't work on sacred days.


Midnights second listening T party on Friday morning

Dessert by Deb's Blueberry Lavender Angel Food Cake black tea was perfect for the T party because the lead-off track was called "Lavender Haze" and Taylor is an angel for bringing such joy (and chaos) to her fans! The songs grew on me during my second listen. I listened to the album all weekend!

One of my favourite songs was Anti-Hero because of the lyrics:

It's me
I'm the problem, it's me
At tea time
Everybody agrees


My Anti-Heroic Trait: Obsessed with teacups

  How are you an anti-hero? 

Monday, October 17, 2022

Celebrating Persons Day in Canada

On Persons Day (Oct 18), we recognize the 5 courageous Canadian women (Famous Five), Emily Murphy, Nellie McClung, Louise McKinney, Irene Parlby and Henrietta Muir Edwards, who launched a petition that lead to the 1929 historic ruling: "Women are persons!"


How 5 Women Changed Canada Forever Over a Cup of Tea

"People assumed they were just having dainty tea parties. But in reality, they were planning strategy to move forward gender equality in Canada."

I raise my pink teacup to the Famous Five! 

Their milestone victory for Canadian women's rights "paved the way for women's increased participation in public and political life."

Almost a century later, the suffrage movement has empowered women entrepreneurs to start their own successful tea businesses: Dessert by Deb, Geek+Tea, Monarch Tea Co., and Teamancy.

Monday, October 10, 2022

Autumn Teas: Apple Ciders


Happy Thanksgiving to my Canadian friends!

Hot Apple Cider Served Here:

An oolong by Geek+Tea (top) and fruit infusions by Stash Tea (middle) and DavidsTea (bottom)

Dessert by Deb also has a delicious Caramel Apple Cinnamon Bun black tea!

Apple cider teas are perfect for the transition from hot to chilly temperatures!

Monday, October 3, 2022

Boo Crew

It's spooky season!


The Boo Crew reporting for duty!


Skulls and Ravens


My little Boo corner 

September tea empties

What I've already restocked or will repurchase:
1) DavidsTea Lavender Buttercream rooibos
2) DavidsTea English Toffee pu-erh
3) DavidsTea Watermelon matcha
4) DavidsTea Tropicalia fruit infusion
5) Dessert by Deb's Hojicha Cinnamon Raisin Bread Pudding

What I may repurchase from time to time:
1) DavidsTea White Peach white tea