Monday, June 28, 2021

Five in June

I can't believe how fast June flew by!


1. My front garden's tea-themed decorations.


2. This is the first year that I had lilies in my garden. I was delighted to see them bloom.


3. I've been loving my awesome Hario cold brew tea bottle.


4. Tea Buying Ban Update: I'm proud to report that I've gone over 1 month without buying any new teas. I was tempted by DavidsTea's semi-annual sale, but I've manged to resist so far.

5. June tea empties

What I may repurchase:

1) Teamancy's Key Lime Chamomile herbal tea

2) Dessert by Deb's Fireside S'mores black tea

3) DavidsTea's Peach Zing fruit infusion



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Monday, June 21, 2021

Summer Teas: Strawberries Edition

Welcoming the summer season with these delicious strawberry tea blends!

DavidsTea's Strawberries and Cream Oolong


 Whittard of Chelsea Tea's Piccadilly Blend Black Tea


Clearview Tea Co.'s Martha's Vineyard Black Tea


Monarch Tea Co.'s Love You Tea Black Tea


Dessert by Deb's Strawberry Swiss Jelly Roll Green Tea

AM Tea's Strawberry Sour Herbal Infusion

 These strawberry tea blends also made fantastic cold brewed teas!

Monday, June 14, 2021

A Sweet Peas Teacup

This week I'm sharing a lovely teacup that an acquaintance gave me years ago.


The vintage bone china teacup features these lovely pink and purple sweet peas.


 The Royal Standard backstamp (circa 1949+)


Love the brushed gold on the scalloped rims!


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Monday, June 7, 2021

Hario Filter in Bottle: Cold Brewed Tea

My new cold brew tea bottle arrived just in time for National Iced Tea Month!

I first spotted the cold tea brew bottles on Bird and Blend Tea Co.'s website, but it was too expensive to order from the U.K. shop. So I searched online until I found a similar bottle from a Canadian distributor (Bed, Bath & Beyond Canada).


The Filter in Bottle is made by a Japanese company called Hario. The silicon top comes with a removable strainer.

I just love the wine bottle shape, and the 750 ml capacity is perfect! Plus it's super easy to clean!


The inaugural cold steep: Goji Pop herbal blend by DavidsTea.


 Tropicalia herbal blend by DavidsTea

 This cold brew tea bottle will definitely get a workout this summer!