Monday, June 7, 2021

Hario Filter in Bottle: Cold Brewed Tea

My new cold brew tea bottle arrived just in time for National Iced Tea Month!

I first spotted the cold tea brew bottles on Bird and Blend Tea Co.'s website, but it was too expensive to order from the U.K. shop. So I searched online until I found a similar bottle from a Canadian distributor (Bed, Bath & Beyond Canada).


The Filter in Bottle is made by a Japanese company called Hario. The silicon top comes with a removable strainer.

I just love the wine bottle shape, and the 750 ml capacity is perfect! Plus it's super easy to clean!


The inaugural cold steep: Goji Pop herbal blend by DavidsTea.


 Tropicalia herbal blend by DavidsTea

 This cold brew tea bottle will definitely get a workout this summer!


  1. This is all new to me ... and I love it!

  2. The bottle is a great idea, Margie, and the tropicalia tea sounds delightful for summer.

  3. What a wonderfully cute bottle to store your cold tea in! Hubby would love it for his iced tea! We are having a scorcher of a day today but we won't complain. These days are few here on PEI. Have a lovely week, Margie.

  4. Looks great. It seems I never acquired the taste for cold or iced tea.

  5. Loving that pretty bottle. Great purchase. Nothing like some cold ice tea. I make myself some cold brewed tea every now and then. Sunday dinners though always include southern sweet iced tea. I hope your week is awesome dear Margie. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  6. A great idea for the summer. I recently got one as a gift in bright lime green, though the bottle has a different design. And bought some cold brews as well. We're both prepared.

  7. That tea bottle looks like a wonderful way to make cold brewed tea! Now if only the weather would warm up so we could enjoy it! I think you are having hot weather now, though.

  8. That's super interesting! Great for summer. Sure is better then pouring the mix through a strainer.


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