Monday, July 26, 2021

Saying good-bye to Taylor's Tea Room

This month, I was saddened to learn the closure of Taylor's Tea Room, a beloved and long-running (28 years!) tearoom in the community.

Taylor's was one of the first tea rooms that I experienced the traditional English afternoon tea with the bone china teapots and teacups. 

I enjoyed Taylor's afternoon tea so much that I returned with family and friends for afternoon and cream teas, as well as brunch, lunch, and dinner.


This photo was taken in 2015 after Taylor's renovations.

Taylor's at Christmas (2015)


I loved the whimsical tea cozies and elegant teacups.

Brunch at Taylor's

This pretty teacup became my Blogger profile photo.

Taylor's famous scones.


Celebrating Taylor's 25th Anniversary in 2018 with a cream tea.


This photo was taken on July 18.

Taylor's held a farewell celebration in their parking lot, where they sold their teawares, etc. I would have loved to have a bone china teacup as a souvenir. But I just couldn't bring myself to brave the crowds, even though I was masked and fully vaxxed. 

I'll always cherish the memories and special tea times at Taylor's. 

Monday, July 19, 2021

Summer Teas: Cherries, Blueberries, and Raspberries Edition

 Summertime and the tea drinking is easy!


Cherry Teas (cold brewed)

Top: DavidsTea's Cherry Berry Punch black tea

Bottom: DavidsTea's Cherry Blossom white tea


Blueberry Teas

Top (L-R): Dessert by Debl's Blueberry Buttermilk Short Stack Pancakes black tea (hot); Blueberry Lavender Angel Food Cake black tea (hot)

Bottom (L-R): DavidsTea's Blueberry Fields Forever oolong (cold); Clearview Tea Co.'s Blueberry Pancakes black tea (hot)

Raspberry Teas

Top (L-R): Teamancy's Raspberry Meringue green tea (cold); T by Daniel's Rated R black tea (hot)

Bottom (L-R): DavidsTea's Frozen Raspberry fruit infusion (cold); Biofix's Raspberry & Acerola herbal tea (cold)

Monday, July 12, 2021

My first DavidsTea's Nordic Mug

I've been buying teas from DavidsTea for years, and have always admired their famous Nordic mugs. I told myself that I already had too many mugs, so I resisted buying one...


...until last fall when this beautiful "Leafy - Teal" colour changing mug went on clearance! It was an older Nordic mug because it came with a stainless steel infuser. This is what the pattern looks like before you add the hot water.


When you fill the cup (16oz / 437ml) with hot water, the leaves changed colours and flamingos appeared!


Before and after shots

I've been stalking a few more Nordic mugs online, just waiting for them to go on sale...

Monday, July 5, 2021

Summer Teas: Peaches Edition

Gonna drink a lot of of peach teas this summer!


Monarch Tea Co.'s Stay Young, Go Dancing is a tasty peach ginger black tea.


Ironically, I enjoyed Monarch Tea Co.'s Warm Peach Pie green tea as a cold brewed tea!


Tea at the White House's Peaches and Cream Oolong was another delicious cold brewed tea.


AM Tea's Creamy Peach fruit infusion


DavidsTea's cold-brewed fruit infusions: Peach Zing had strong ginger notes (left), while Playa Peach was an interesting floral-fruity blend (right).


My favourite peach tea blend: Dessert by Deb's Peach Crumble Cake Black and Rooibos Tea is sweet and with a touch of cinnamon.

What's your favourite peach tea?