Monday, July 12, 2021

My first DavidsTea's Nordic Mug

I've been buying teas from DavidsTea for years, and have always admired their famous Nordic mugs. I told myself that I already had too many mugs, so I resisted buying one...


...until last fall when this beautiful "Leafy - Teal" colour changing mug went on clearance! It was an older Nordic mug because it came with a stainless steel infuser. This is what the pattern looks like before you add the hot water.


When you fill the cup (16oz / 437ml) with hot water, the leaves changed colours and flamingos appeared!


Before and after shots

I've been stalking a few more Nordic mugs online, just waiting for them to go on sale...


  1. There is always room for one more mug in the cupboard, especially one as lovely as this.

  2. How fun, Margie, and we all need a lot more of that. 🦩

  3. A mug that changes color! What will they think of next. This is adorable, a must-have.

  4. I have had a couple of these. It's a shame they don't come with the infusers anymore. Any that I have broken I always keep the infuser. Just got another order from David's Tea.

  5. oh anything in teal catches my eye, but the disappearing act is so much fun!

  6. What a fun idea - a changing mug! Such a beautiful colour, too.


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