Monday, October 25, 2021

Pink Truck Tour & Tea

This month, I was proud to support a great cause: Mississauga Fire's 7th Annual Pink Truck Tour!


During October, the Mississauga Fire Fighters Benevolent Fund sell custom Pink Truck Tour shirts to raise funds and breast cancer awareness for the Trillium Health Partners’ Cancer Program.


My full-zipped hoodie is so comfy and warm!

A pink-themed tea time to show my support for those affected by breast cancer.

Monday, October 18, 2021

Autumn Teas: Pumpkins

Let the gourd teas roll this month!


Geek+Tea's Pumpkin Juice Chai is one of my favourite pumpkin blends. I love how it includes pumpkin pieces that were grown in her own garden!

You can always count on DavidTea for some interesting pumpkin black teas!

Left: Pumpkin Chai is a popular fall blend with some cute pumpkin candies (forgot to photograph the loose tea. Whoops!).

Right: Pumpkin Earl Grey was a fresh release. I was initially skeptical about the pumpkin spice and bergamot combo, but I ended up enjoying this tasty tea! 

Another new DavidsTea pumpkin blend: White Pumpkin white tea is a creamy, light tea that's perfect for the folks who want a more subtle spicy pumpkin blend.

Dessert by Deb's Pumpkin Caramel Danish black tea was also delightful to drink.

I was also excited to try the Hojicha Pumpkin Scone green tea--another delicious hojicha from Dessert by Deb. Next time, I'll try it as a latte!

Are you pumped about pumpkin spice teas?

Monday, October 11, 2021

Thanksgiving treats and teas


Happy Thanksgiving to my Canadian friends!

Thanksgiving Treat #1: 

Pumpkin square with Dessert by Deb's Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookie latte (Herbal Tea).

Thanksgiving Treat #2: 

Pumpkin Pecan Crunch Pie with Dessert by Deb's Hojicha Apple Turnover (Roasted Green Tea).
 Thanksgiving Treat #3:
Choco-roll with Stash's Maple Apple Cider herbal tea.

Monday, October 4, 2021


There's something strange in my neighbourhood...


I aint fraid'a no ghosts!

September tea empties

What I repurchased during DavidsTea's summer sale:

1) Cherry Berry Punch black tea

2) Sleepy Lychee fruit infusion - it was a bonus free tea on one of my online orders.

3) Tropicalia fruit infusion

What I may repurchase:

1) DavidsTea's Melon Drop fruit infusion - I'm kicking myself for not buying some when they were on sale. Now they're sold out! 

Last week, I participated in a fun Cuppa-tea-athon hosted by Instagram tea bloggers, @bibliovirgo @thismorningstea and @picnic_indoors.


Day 1 (left) - Sip on a tea bag blend: DavidsTea's S'mores Chai pu-erh

Day 2 (right) - Make a tea latte: Dessert by Deb's Thai Banana Cake black tea

Day 3 (left) - Drink a black tea: Teamancy's Nana's Bananas black tea

Day 5 (right) - Drink a fall blend: Geek+Tea's Pumpkin Juice Chai black tea 

Day 6 - Drink a whole pot of tea: Stash's Maple Apple Cider herbal tea

Day 6 (left) - Sip on a loose leaf blend: Kusmi Tea's English Breakfast black tea

Day 6 (right) - A tea blend that starts with the first letter of your name: DavidsTea's Monster Mash rooibos

Day 7 (left) - Sip on the 10th blend of your collection: Tea Amo's Chocolate Perfect Pie Hojicha (roasted green tea) 

Day 7 (right) - Drink tea using your favourite mug:  Yukon Herb Tea Factory's Nature's Bountea

Got a FULL HOUSE on my Cuppa-tea-athon bingo card!