Monday, June 26, 2023

A bespoke cardigan for my teapot

I know this is the wrong season, but I just couldn't wait until fall to share my adorable new tea cosy!


I commissioned KnitzbyTamara to create a Folklore cardigan-inspired knitted teapot sweater!


The teapot cardigan had a cable in the back...


...and the front has a cute pocket for your your teabag!


                          The outfit                                           The inspo


You put me on and said I was your favorite. 

Monday, June 19, 2023

My Collection of Elephant Teapots

Over the years, I've been gifted some exceptional elephant teapots by my family and friends.


A blue and white elephant teapot from the now defunct Bombay Company.


A vintage Disney Dumbo tea set.


 A circus-themed white elephant with a Williamson elephant tea caddy.

A white elephant from Pier One Imports with a mini Williamson elephant tea caddy.


 My herd of elephants!

Monday, June 12, 2023

Soda Can Glasses

 June is National Iced Tea Month.

I've been sipping my cold-brewed teas in customized soda can glasses that I ordered from Angela Roloson Designs, a Canadian Etsy seller. 

This classic Judy Blume book was one of my favourite childhood books.

Angela designed these two Taylor Swift-inspired glasses.


I asked Angela to design these glasses based on Taylor's lyrics (L-R):

Look What You Made Brew from Look What You Made Me Do (Reputation)

Sweet Tea in the Summer from Seven (folklore)

Lavender Haze from Lavender Haze (Midnights)


"It was one drink after another."

Monday, June 5, 2023

Church Garage Sale Haul #1: Paragon teawares

I went to the first church garage sale last month and found some beautiful Paragon pieces.



I don't usually purchase sugar and cream, but I couldn't leave this pretty Iris open sugar bowl and creamer behind!
I also couldn't resist these orphan white and gold teacups. I didn't noticed that they were different designs until I got home.
I adore the heart-shaped design of this teacup.

When I got home I noticed that this teacup had a crack. So I'll have to find another use for it...

I originally thought it was $3 for each piece. But they were actually asking for $3 for each set and accepted my offer of $5 for BOTH sets!
May tea empties

What I will or have already restocked:
1) Cottonwood Heritage Blend black tea (Monarch Tea co)
2) Blueberry Lavender Angel Food Cake black tea (Dessert by Deb)
3) Orange Creamsicle Mousse rooibos (Dessert by Deb)
4) Lavender Buttercream rooibos (DavidsTea)
5) Tropicalia fruit infusion (DavidsTea)
6) Bahama Blue fruit infusion (DavidsTea)
7) Sweet Almond green tea (DavidsTea)
What I may repurchase in the future:
1) Tangerine Dream herbal tisane (Monarch Tea Co)
2) Sleep Fairy herbal (Tealish)
3) Pistachio Cream green tea (Totalitea)