Monday, July 8, 2024

Breakfast Cups

Last fall, I found a pair of Roy Kirkham fine bone china breakfast cups at HomeSense (aka HomeGoods). Of course, these beauties came home with me!

The Vintage Rose design

The Butterfly design

A standard teacup size is approximately 200 ml, while these breakfast cups were 450 ml!


  1. They are so pretty, Margie. I use a larger mug for my breakfast tea, too.

  2. They’re both so pretty, Margie! I have only one Roy Kirkham teacup and it’s a strawberry pattern. I love a large mug for my afternoon tea, but not during the summer months.

  3. Margie, these breakfast cups are stunning!
    The Vintage Rose and Butterfly designs are so elegant.

    Happy Wednesday! ☕

  4. don't you just love finding a little treasure in a big box store? i always head right to the sale shelves.


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