Monday, September 26, 2016

Sock Away

The transition to the cooler temperatures means it's time to bust out the cozy socks! I always keep an eye out for funky socks with a tea-themed design.

Kicking back in my "Iced Tea" Snoozies which are a hybrid of socks and slippers.

My friend gave me this "Tea Time" socks. How cute are the teapots?

I found this "Teacups" socks at the Talbots Outlet last month.

I have a tendency to "save things for a special occasion" so it's time that I actually wear these fun socks!

In exciting pumpkin news, David's Tea has brought back my favourite pumpkin tea: Pumpkin Cheesecake Roiboos. YAY!!! What distinguishes this blend from other pumpkin teas is its creamy and sweet flavour--the  result of the divine combination of pumpkin, spice, maple sugar and white chocolate.

Enjoying my first cup of pumpkin cheesecake roiboos with a s'mores treat made by some relatives.

Photo credit: Indigo Online Bookstore
"All you need is tea & warm socks."

I'm joining the following parties this week:


  1. Your socks are all so darling, Margie, and perfect for the tea lover that you are. I must look into your favorite flavor of tea, as your description is certainly tempting me to try some!

  2. You should have seen the tea clothing some of the American gals had on the tour! We need to find a Canadian resource Margie.
    The socks are sweet, and I've already had some of David's pumpkin chai which is my fav fall tea.

  3. What cute socks, Margie! Your pumpkin rooibos tea sounds lovely! One of these days I will make my way into Starbucks again for a pumpkin spice latte. It's time for pumpkin everything! Have a great week. :-)


  4. It certainly has been the weather for socks, but I hate giving up my sandals, so I've been wearing the dreaded socks and sandals as my daughter calls them :) I've been drinking more tea too :)

  5. Love your tea themed socks! The top pair look like they will be perfect slippers before the temps really drop. I'm like you in that I always save things for a special "occasion." I'm going to try and stop doing that especially when it comes to teacups and tablewares.
    Glad you were able to find the pumpkin tea. I'm a little disappointed in the one I just purchased. It lacks the depth and richness I was hoping for. Your smores treat looks yummy.

  6. Your socks are simply darling, my friend. Every tea lover should have tea-themed socks, eh :)

    Have a beautiful autumn week! Hugs!

  7. Such a fun post and yes maybe it's time to start wearing those fun socks :)


  8. My stomach literally started growling as soon as I read that description of your pumpkin tea: "pumpkin, spice, maple sugar and white chocolate." And then the hunger pains really kicked in when I saw the dessert! It's so cruel to torture your readers with photos of tantalizing dishes without offering free samples!

    Neat that you have tea-themed socks! I think you may qualify as a real tea enthusiast! My socks are all very boring. :)

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  10. Hi Margie,
    what a fun tea post you made. I love the sweet socks and the tea cup with the message. I have never tried pumpkin tea but it sounds heavenly.
    Thank you also for visiting my blog and leaving that kind comment.
    Best greetings,
    Johanna @

  11. Trust you Margie to find tea socks!! Love them. And I love the sentiment on the mug -- I would add "and a book"!
    Enjoy your pumpkin tea; perfect for fall! xo Deborah

  12. Dear Margie:
    The K Bell socks were some I sold many pairs of in my shop back in the day. I know I have 2 pairs of them myself I enjoy wearing. Your mug is darling! Thanks for sharing.

  13. The tea themed socks are darling. Tea goes with everything.

  14. I'm a big believer in socks - and tea!

  15. You really have a sharp eye to find out goods you and we love. Recently new Starbucks opened in a next city. I will try it, of course, wearing warm socks.

  16. The things you find Margie! I like nice socks too, but I didn't know you could get teapot socks. Will have to broaden my shopping ;) Now you need to find that last mug!


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