Monday, November 14, 2016


During the last couple of weeks, I've been hitting the November markets and bazaars. Last weekend, I dropped by the Hamilton Potters Guild's Fall Sale which featured pottery galore, including Christmas items.

Angels we have heard on high

Unique teapots that caught my eye (I totally want the white one with the butterfly!).

I hemmed and hawed over these adorable teapot necklaces. But I found them too heavy and pricey (they cost more than my functional teapots!) so I left them behind.

I did bring home these teapot ornaments. My tea-themed Christmas tree will be going up soon!

Yesterday, I went to the Afri-Can-Market, which supports the Stephen Lewis' Grandmothers to Grandmothers Campaign, where I purchased these cute "mug bags". Of course, mine will be utilized as  "teacup bags"!

I also went to a church bazaar where I picked up these purple broaches. 
The one on the left is black and lavender while the one on the right is dark purple (it looks black in the poor lighting). Both will match my purple wool coats perfect (yes, I have multiple purple coats!).

The same vendor was also selling this cute, crochet, purple  teapot cozy.
Even though I knew it would be too big for my teapots, I just couldn't leave it behind!

I've already started sipping my holiday teas. 
This week's holiday tea: Mistletoe Chai Rooibos by Monarch Tea Co.
I had tried out this tasty tea at the RBG Tea Festival. What makes this chai tea unique is that it contains coconut pieces and rose petals.

Have you been attending bazaars this month?

I'm joining the following parties this week:


  1. What fun you're having visiting those bazaars. I really would like to go to one or two - just have to make the effort and get out on the weekend! The purple tea cozy is great!

  2. I"ve been to a few bazaars but didn't find any thing cute like you did. I love those teapot ornaments, been on the lookout for something like that around here but haven't seen anything at all. Have a 'tea'riffic day.

  3. How sweet, I've never seen anything like the teapot necklaces or ornaments before. Looking forward to seeing your tea themed tree xx

  4. Why now that you mention it, I hit the same pottery show as you! I bought a mug & soup bowls ... shall I share? I didn't see those teapot ornaments, but they're very cute! I even saw my sister and her girls there buying up Christmas pressies. A great show! Enjoy your week Margie ;)

  5. What lovely purchases you made, Margie!! Those teapot ornaments are so cute, and I love the crocheted brooches and the tea cosy. I have not attended one bazaar this year, I'm sorry to say. Enjoy sipping your holiday teas.

  6. What fun! The Mistletoe tea sounds yummy. I love teacup trees. Looking forward to seeing yours, Margie! Have a super fun week.

    Blessings from PEI,

  7. Oh my goodness, are you having fun! Wish I could have been with you for the day! Wow! I just haven't felt up to coping with the ones around here...will probably regret in a week or two, but .... It would have been hard to decide what to bring home, but I'd say you did pretty good! Thanks for linking to Tuesday Cuppa Tea!

  8. Oh, what fun you are having, my friend! Can I come shopping with you? :) I just love craft fairs and bazaars, but sadly I have not made it to any yet...hopefully soon!

    You certainly found some wonderful things and I especially love the tea items.

    Have a fantastic week! Hugs!

  9. I can't wait to see your tea-themed Christmas tree! What a lovely idea!

  10. Big smiles at how you can't leave anything purple behind Margie. I have been to a couple of craft fairs and there's another one with a tea this Saturday I hope to attend.

  11. I love that you said "you couldn't leave it behind". It's like you were on a rescue mission, haha!

  12. That tea sounds delicious! Looks like you got some real tea treasures. I love the crocheted tea cozy. I have to use a cozy because I like my tea piping hot! Can't wait to see your tea tree! xo Deborah

  13. I have only gone thrifting a couple of times. Love your teapot cozy.. Really want to make one but cant really find any patterns. I like the purple too and love the apsweet brooches .. Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving, with love Janice

  14. so many fun finds! love the tea ornaments! My mother has a tea tree too- and that cozy is so cute :)

  15. Margie, I'm not a shopper, so I haven't been going to any bazaars. I did enjoy shopping with my mother, and I'm sure I'd enjoy shopping with you! You always make great finds.

  16. Dear Margie:
    Sorry to get here late as I have had company.....loved your post and all your wonderful handmade items. It looks like a lot of talent went into these and the teapots pictured were amazing!

  17. What fun Margie! Cute teapot ornament. Bazaars are always so much fun, but I never go to any anymore.
    Happy THanksgiving to you and yours,

  18. Hi Margie,
    Christmas Craft Fairs are quite expensive and I often pass by things I want too.My daughter and daughter in law and I went to one on Saturday and I bought some Christmas treasures. I love the dear little teapots that you found for your tea themed tree. Blessings, Karen


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