Monday, December 5, 2016

O Christmas Tree

Throughout the year, I keep an eye out for tea-related ornaments for my Christmas tree. The irony is that some of these ornaments cost more than my functional teacups and teapots!

My tea-themed Christmas tree went up last month.
I was excited to add my latest acquisitions (below) to my tree.

Ornaments gifted to me last Christmas.

Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse.

Ornaments found at the thrift stores this year.

New copper tea kettle ornaments from The Keeping Room.

New teapot ornaments by Ganz.

New teapot ornaments from the fall pottery show.

New handcrafted (?) wooden teapot ornaments from a church bazaar.

New teacup ornaments from the Merry Farms Christmas Store.

Here comes Santa Claus!

I had to call multiple Hallmark stores before I found one that sold this cute Tea Lover's Ornament.

I've always wanted one of David's Tea's Advent Calendar so I was ecstatic when a co-worker passed on her duplicated calendar to me!

 Day 1 of the David's Tea's Advent Calendar: Snow Day is a tasty chocolate mint herbal tea.

Have you put up your Christmas tree?

I'm joining the following parties this week:


  1. Our tree and decorations are all up, everything's looking very festive. I absolutely adore your tea themed ornaments, I've never seen anything like them xx

  2. You always find the cutest tea ornaments Margy. I m always on the look out but never see any. We got our tree up on the weekend, and I'm still working on it. :)

  3. You have an admirable collection Margie, and I loved seeing everything, including enlarging the tree. :-)
    Our tree stays up year round since it's a faux tabletop and I decorate it for other holidays too. The red balls and birds went on late last week and add a nice bit of sparkle to the living room.
    Enjoy your David's tea every day!

  4. Margie, your tea ornament tree is a delight! You have a wonderful collection. The little mouse in a cup is darling and the wee copper ones are so fun. I started collecting tea things for a tree too a few years ago but the last number of years I'm not seeing any. I've enjoyed seeing yours and enjoy that David's tea all month.


  5. Wow, how great to get that Advent tea calendar!! I have bought other people tea-related ornaments but don't have any myself!! Should remedy that! Yours are so pretty. And your tea tree is amazing! xo Deborah

  6. Your tea themed tree is so beautifully decorated, Margie. How wonderful to receive a tea advent calendar!! It would be exciting to taste a different tea every day. My son, Mike, surprised me and put up my big tree when I was visiting my mom. I was touched by his thoughtfulness.
    Happy Avent season, Margie. xo

  7. Love, love your tea tree, Margie. I have a small tree on my kitchen counter and I use kitchen item accessories including teapots and cups too...Christine

  8. Such a pretty tree, Margie. I loved seeing all the ornaments.

  9. What a WONDERFUL collection of tea ornaments, Margie! I loved looking at each of them. Like Christine, I have a tree in my kitchen with kitchen item ornaments but I'm thinking I should add some TEA ones, too!

  10. What a great tea themed tree. So glad you shared and linked all those darling ornaments.

  11. I'm stunned that you have collected such a beautiful assortment of tea-themed ornaments! They are all unique and probably have many memories of tea outings for you too. What a perfect tea tree for my friend the teaholic ;)
    Trying to catch up while I'm still feverishly working on knitted Christmas pressies!!!!
    Wendy x

  12. Wow I love your Tea Advent Calendar. I received a Beauty Advent Calendar. Love your Xmas ornements :)

  13. Such pretty tea ornaments. And you have David's Tea Advent calendar. What fun!


  14. Love love love your tea tree. The DT Advent Calender is just plain ole nifty, too - what a fun thing! : - )

    Hugs! ♥

  15. I like to put photos of family and friends at my cristmas tree. Your photos are incredible.

  16. Ooh, advent teas! I bet that was a fun countdown :). And wow, a full sized tea tree! Very cool ;). I liked the santa in the teacup with the reindeer the most!

  17. Margie, That was lovely gift. I have been given an empty (only the drawers) David's tea calendar that I want to remake into a Advent Calendar. I will work on that for the next Christmas season. Sylvia D.


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