Monday, September 4, 2017

Tea in the Shady Grove

During my staycation, I visited a cozy tearoom called the Shady Grove Lukaya Cafe.

The cafe was named after the owner's daughter, Lukaya.

On "Songwriter's Nights", the patrons can enjoy live music with their tea.

Tea Tower!

I enjoyed an empire cookie with a delicious cup of walnut crunch green ta.

Last week, we celebrated the end of summer with a tea social at the office.
My "Summer Fling" oolong tea was a hit. Unfortunately, I forgot to photograph the treats that my co-workers brought (blogger fail!).
How did you spend the last days of summer?

I'm joining the following parties this week:


  1. Tea at the Lukaya Cafe looked like a charming place, Margie. I know your coworkers always enjoy your tea socials, and Summer Fling sounds like a yummy blend. I spent the last days of summer preparing for my son's birthday and Harper has spent the night the last two!

  2. Another charming place for a tea outing, Margie! I am still hoping to enjoy some summer yet. We are told the next two days will be warm and although Hubby will be back to work, I'm hoping we will be able to relax out on the back deck with a tea or coffee when he gets home. It is quite nasty out there today with high winds and rain but keeping our fingers crossed for tomorrow and the next day.
    We have been busy with birthdays, my mother's on the weekend, with relatives coming from NB for that. Our son's is this week and there will be more this month so we have been busy with those.

  3. Well now I need to find out about walnut crunch tea. Sounds like a yummy dessert.

  4. Hi Margie!Love the cozy tea room...I wish I would be there in my last staycation!Great time with your co-workers,it is precious.Hugs.

  5. I'm just impressed you work in an office where they had a tea party! But the tea room looks lovely and I think the idea of live music is even better - how fun that would be. Yesterday it was 86. Today, we'll be lucky if we hit 70. BUT, back in the upper 70's on the weekend and we are going apple picking. I try to squeeze as much out of summer as possible so hopefully we have a few more 80 degree days left!

  6. How very nice to enjoy some tea on your stay vacation. I'm glad that you work with lovely tea drinkers! :) Don't worry about not taking pictures...we can dream.

  7. Hi Margie,
    It is just so neat that you have regular tea parties with your work friends. I must try some other flavoured teas.I have been spending my summers working outdoors in my gardens and enjoying it so much. Also babysitting my two dear grandchildren as much as possible. Let's hope we have a sunny September too! Take care, Karen

  8. Oohh...another great green tea flavor! Walnut Crunch! You are so lucky to both have tea rooms close and tea drinking co-workers! What a nice tea room. Hope it does well, so you can continue to visit. Thanks for linking to Tuesday Cuppa Tea

  9. Margie, what a delightful tearoom! I'm not enjoying summer at all - I am just *not* a summer girl! I'm happier and healthier in cooler weather - but I'm glad other people are enjoying it!

  10. You always find the most interesting places to visit.

  11. What an enticing tea room with that piano begging for someone to play ;) I take it you don't play piano?? End of summer ... hmmm ... not liking the sound of that! I spent Monday bringing home my boy from north country (in heavy rain). Cheers Margie!


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