Monday, November 20, 2017

2nd Annual RBG Tea Festival

The 2nd Annual Royal Botanical Gardens Tea Festival returned earlier this month bigger and better than ever! There were 35 vendors, 13 educational presentations, and 6 demonstrations offered during the 2-day festival. This year, I focused on visiting the vendors whose enthusiasm and passion for tea were truly inspiring.

 Uva Teas Canada offered a commemorative tin to mark the 150-year anniversary of Ceylon tea.
The Monarch Tea Co.
The Hamilton-proud owner, Katie, is one of my favourite tea entrepreneurs and delivers excellent presentations. 
Tea samples (bottom): Madeleine Cookie Black Tea (left); Warm Peach Pie Green Tea right)

Booch Kombucha
10 am isn't too early for some  kombucha, right?!?

Blue Mountain Tea Company
Sample: Up and At Them Organic Black Tea

Victoria Road Chai Co.
Sample: Garden in Bloom Chai

Steeped Tea
Steeped Tea is another Hamilton-based company and offered their own Advent tea calendar: 
"24 Steeps 'till Christmas."

The Sugared Teacup
The Sugared Teacup offered beautifully decorated boxes filled with tea things from Tea-ronto businesses. I am soooo tempted to sign up for their subscription boxes...

Teas and Toasts
This was one of the prettiest booths at the festival. 
I loved the tiered trays made of saucers and the charming infuser holder (right).

Zhen Tea
Sample: Guan Hin Yong

Kevin Kong Wellness Centre
Samples: A black tea (top) and a Pu erh from 2007 (bottom).

The festival was sponsored by the Consulate of Sri Lanka.
Their booth gave out free samples of different types of Ceylon teas.

The Travelling Tearoom
How cute are these teapot necklaces?

The Algonquin Tea Company
"100% certified organic, hand-picked, indigenous Canadian herbs and blended herbal teas."
Samples: Awakening Tea (left); Sacred Blend Tea (right).

Left: I'm not a big fan of tumeric teas, but I enjoyed the sweet tumeric latte served by Genuine Tea.
Middle: The Matcha Uji was made from green tea leaves plants that were exposed to Mozart music to foster their growth.
Right: Vanilla matcha from Steeped Tea.

Top left: Afternoon Blend Black Tea by The Tea Stylist who wrote the award-winning Tea Book (one of my faves!).
Top right: Cinnamon Dream by Teas and Toasts.
Bottom: Samples from Chayo Tea (left) and Bon Tea Place (right).

 Tea Postcards!

Tea Butler Canada (available at the RBG)
Christmas herbal teas samples

I brought home these 2 fun tea shirts by Tea Life Brand.

I also stocked up on my favourite tea-infused lip balm by Bare English & Co.

I exercised GREAT restraint and only purchased 3 teas: 
1) Madeline Cookie; 
2) Ginger, Papaya and Peach Chai (I was intrigued by the exotic combo);
3) Garden in Bloom Chai sampler

Another wonderful tea festival in the books!

I'm joining the following parties this week:


  1. How wonderful!Love everything!The necklaces are cute!

  2. You're so good at restraining yourself, Margie, but I'm glad you bought those Tea-shirts, and a few teas! I would be tempted to subscribe to Sugared Teacup boxes, too. Those teapot necklaces are so cute. Thanks for taking me along on your outing!

  3. OH my goodness!! I wish there was something like that HERE! What beautiful things and displays! You are a strong woman to have resisted temptation. I've not heard of the Sugared Teacup boxes. I'm going to check it out. As a possible gift idea. For someone. Who shall remain nameless ;)

  4. What great t-shirts and you chose some wonderful teas! I wish they had tea festivals here! It gets pretty quiet here this time of year other than the Santa Claus Parade and shoppers jamming the stores for Christmas. Those teapot necklaces are just too cute and the Sugared Teacup boxes are very pretty! I imagine one could spend some quali-tea time at those festivals. Sounds like so much fun. Thanks for taking us along with you.

  5. Hi Margie, it looks like a wonderful festival and I'm betting you had a fantastic time. I love the advent calendar, somebody had an original idea. Have a great day!

  6. Oh, my! What a tea-lover's dream! I can only imagine how fun something like this is to attend! Thank you ever so much for sharing about it all here. God bless you with a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  7. Hi Margie...I love the Tea-rondo! Cute! You are so blessed to be close to so many wonderful tea opportunities. So glad you could attend and share with us. I always love Tea festivals and was so sad when they stopped the one in Victoria BC as I used to go every year. It was easier for me to get to that one than Seattle. I have gotten green tea advent calendars for my daughter in law...may have to find one again...thanks for the reminder. And thanks for linking to Tuesday Cuppa Tea.

  8. Oh my mercy I love all the pictures! I do hope Margie that you have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  9. Que lindo!
    E super interessante as imagens.

  10. Hi Margie, what a great time it looked like you had, a very busy time. I so wish we had things like that close to home here. I could probably spent both days just window shopping. Awesome items especially the jewelry.

  11. That was a ‘tea’riffic place to visit.

  12. Margie, thank you for sharing another wonderful tea experience. How fun! Congratulations on having such restraint!

  13. Margie, What fun! The Steeped Tea advent calendar is just a great idea. The teapot necklaces are so cute. Tea flavored lip balm. Thanks for sharing. Sylvia D.


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