Monday, July 9, 2018

Somewhere over the rainbow

This week, I'm sharing a vintage teacup that I "rescued" at a church sale last spring.

 The teacup just screams summer!

The cheery flowers are also inside the teacup.

 The pretty teacup was made by Royal Standard.
I recently scored this cute cozy at at thrift store for only $1.50.
I think it may actually be a toaster cover, but I'm using it as a tea cozy!

What's bringing colour to your world these days?

I'm joining the following parties this week:


  1. Your pretty teacup is just darling, Margie. I love when there's a design inside the cup, too. Your tea cozy was a bargain, and the rainbow design is perfect for summertime.

  2. That teacup is gorgeous!I loved it so much.Great finding!Hugs!

  3. What a beautiful find. I wished I have places to rescue such beauty, but sadly none from where I am from.

  4. What an absolutely delicate tea cup you found! I would have done the same! It needs to be loved and used!

    My children bought me a tea cozy and I love it. Great find on that!
    It is wonderful to have colour in our days!

  5. Margie, you scored such a pretty teacup. I love cups that have a design inside too. It's nice to have something lovely to look while sipping your tea. The tea cozy is a cute one. I have one tea cozy that a blogger made me years ago but she no longer has a blog. It's a nice reminder of a friendship with a girl who I struck up a friendship with and I will remember her whenever I look at the tea cozy. Hope you're having a fabulous summer!

  6. OOH...beautiful tea cup Margie! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  7. Hi Margie, what a pretty tea cup, perfect for summer. I always love when the design is carried through inside the cup. What a cute tea cozy!

  8. Ear Margie:
    Your handpainted tea cup is very pretty and very old. It looks like the 1940's to me. I love the handpainted ones the best. Thanks for sharing and that tea cozy is darling as well!

  9. Ear should have been "Dear"!!!

  10. What a pretty vintage teacup. It is so feminine and lovely. I thought of you Margie when I was writing my current post. You would have loved the tea rooms I visited! xo Deborah

  11. Margie, I love that cup! It is vintage perfection!


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