Monday, July 29, 2019

Cold brewed tea & cake

Copious amounts of iced teas have been keeping me cool during the scorching temperatures.

I like to cold brew my tea.

Last weekend, we found this tasty cake at our local grocery store: 
Lemon Blueberry Earl Grey Cake

"Earl Grey tea infused sponge cake layered with zesty lemon mousse and a refreshing wild blueberry filling. Finished with lemon frosting, and decadent white chocolate shavings."  (Source: La Rocca Creative Cakes website)


  1. That cake is mouthwatering!Hugs,Margie!

  2. That cake looks too pretty to eat . Bet it was tasty . I make ice brewed tea on Sundays for dinner for my family . For years we drank sweet cold tea daily biscuits o vegan to drink lots more water and was satisfied with that . After children got grown and left Home i found myself making sweet ice tea less and less . Yes I’m southern all the way too 😂 now i actually prefer half and half .half sweet and half unsweet . I usually make a little cold tea one day through the week too as my Fil comes to eat with us and loves sweet tea . Your mention of ice tea just reminded me that over the years I’ve sure changed a lot of my old habits 😂 hugs and blessings , Cindy

  3. But i began to drink more water is what i meant . Mercy i dislike typing on phone .

  4. That looks like my kind of Summertime party, Margie! Was the cake as good as it looked?? Iced tea is my afternoon drink for our scorching temperatures.

  5. Your lemon blueberry earl grey cake looks pretty heavenly. It seems perfect for a hot summer day's dessert.

  6. A cake with Earl Grey in it sounds perfect for you Margie! And all I'm serving at book club this summer is iced tea. No one wants the hot tea right now! xo

  7. A tea for all seasons :-) And cake with tea, sounds amazing, Margie. I could go for a slice myself.

  8. I would like to have a cup of cold tea in a comfortable room, looking at the summer garden.


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