Monday, May 18, 2020

Kicking off iced tea season

Happy Victoria Day to my Canadian friends!

In honour of Queen Victoria, I've displayed my Tower of London teapot (the crown on the lid is so cute!) and Emma Bridgewater crown jar (the bottom part is missing). Of course, the teacups are vintage bone china made in England!

This May long weekend marks the unofficial start of summer in Canada. The weather is FINALLY warming up so I cold brewed my first iced tea of the season!

Teavana's Youthberry is actually a white tea; the pink hue is due to the hibiscus. Its tropical flavour is very refreshing!

My violets started to bloom during the lockdown.


  1. Happy Victoria Day, Margie! Your tea setting is very fitting. The iced tea is such a pretty shade of pink, and I like the name of it. The violet must’ve given you joy during this lockdown. We all need a little something to brighten our days.

  2. The violets are so pretty! Girl, loving your Victoria Day Tea! And Teavana teas are very to me. The first time I ever tried any I was actually getting a pedi! A friend had gifted me a gift card to this sweet little place and low and behold....they had stashes of Tevana tea and insisted I try a cup. It was good. Then later on another friend gifted me some of the lovely teas. Sure wish we could have a tea party one day together. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  3. Happy Victoria Day Dear Margie! I love the pretty blue teacups you’ve displayed today. Your violet is so lovely with the sun shining on it. Enjoy your long weekend. Take care. Karen

  4. Happy Victoria Day!Gorgeous teacups and pretty teapot.I also love violets and yours is beautiful!Here is Autumn which means beautiful sunny days and pleasant weather,at about 77°F,instead of the usual 95°F/100°F...65 days in quarantine...Hugs!

  5. Love the Tower of London teapot. I'm not really a fan of iced tea, but grandson loves it. Enjoy this nice weather.

  6. My violets are putting on the best show ever in fifteen years or more. I wonder if they just like our company and showing their appreciation.
    I bought iced tea yesterday to toast the heat! I'm going to watch for the tea you mentioned. I love hibiscus white tea but haven't seen any for awhile. Now that I have a name I know what to ask for.

  7. Your Tower teapot is so great! Love it. Lots of violets growing here, too. Iced Tea is taking a back seat to hot tea these days as our weather has cooled right down again.

    Enjoy the weekend after Victoria Day!

  8. It's so nice to have iced tea in the summer. It's good to also save certain leftover teas to make into iced tea as well.
    Your violet is so pretty!


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