Monday, October 5, 2020

Tea Hauls: Dessert by Deb

 I'm so proud of how well I did with my September sipdowns!

I think this is the most tea empties I've achieved since I started tracking my sipdowns a year ago!

Oldest tea: English Classic Cold Brewed Teabag (it's so old that I can't even remember when I was gifted it!)

Newest tea: Blood Orange Cider rooibos and Ginger Bear Crisp herbal tea from Dessert by Deb (September 2020)


This is the first of my two September orders from Dessert by Deb. I love the sticker-adorned packaging and Deb's sweet handwritten notes!

The bonus goodies from order #1.

I ordered teas from the Cake & Celebration and Cozy Treats collections that I've been wanting to try. I also restocked on favourites from the Garden Party Tea Collection (the Lemongrass Milk Pudding was a bonus promo).

A few weeks later, Deb launched her fall collection, Little Cottage Bakery. Of course, I had to have these new teas RIGHT NOW. The tower of happy tea mail that Deb posted on her Instagram made me smile.

In addition to the new fall teas, I also restocked on the Coconut Cream Pie Chai.

The free samples and bonus goodies included in Order #4.

I'm already looking forward to Dessert by Deb's holiday teas!


  1. Enjoy your teas!They look very good in those pretty packages.Hugs and have a lovely week ahead!

  2. Wow, lots of selection on her website. Enjoy!

  3. Looks like you are in for a treat...treats, more like. Yum! Sounds like you are now prepared for the season ahead. Happy days... Brenda xo

  4. You have some AMAZING sounding tea flavors, Margie! I love that Deb writes handwritten notes, too. I’m looking forward to your next order. That coconut chai sounds REALLY yummy!

  5. Those tea packages are so pretty too! They all sound really good. Coconut cream pie tea..... Hmmm, sounds like a good one. The lemongrass pudding sounds really inviting. But I love lemon flavors too. Hope your week is going awesome Margie. Hugs and blessing, Cindy

  6. Hi Margie!! I sure love your open mind when it comes to trying new teas. I am a stick-in-the-mud and stick to my favorites for the most part. Sad thing is a new one may be my next favorite - right?

    Anyway, I love your enthusiasm.

    Big hugs!


    I posted about a special teacup today.

  7. You've got some delicious sounding teas there, Margie. And how fun to get little extras in the order!

  8. Wow! You have lots of tea to enjoy in the coming weeks and months! You are indeed an enthusiastic tea-aholic! ;-) So many wonderful flavours to savour and I hope you enjoy every one. Wishing you and your loved ones a Happy Thanksgiving on the weekend!

  9. Nice! Try to remember - the teas of September.


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