Monday, November 23, 2020

In search of holiday teas

Christmas won't be Christmas without any Celestial Seasonings holiday teas.

When my local Bulk Barn store didn't get the Celestial Seasonings holiday teas this year, I scoured the internet to find a Canadian company that sold them online. 

In September (!), I bought one (1) box of Candy Cane Lane at

Then last month, I found Sugar Plum Spice, Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride, and Candy Cane Lane at London Drugs. I was worried that they'd sell out so I paid full price ($4.49 CDN - NO REGRETS!), and purchased two (2) boxes each to maximize the shipping costs. They're currently on sale: $3.49 CDN each or Buy 2 or more for $3 each.

I'm now well-stocked on these classic holiday teas for two (2) Christmas seasons!


I've been preparing for the looooong pandemic winter by stocking up on teas from my favourite local tea companies. I'll be sharing these teas throughout the holiday and winter season.

Dessert By Deb specializes in dessert-themed teas. My friend Deb recently released her Holiday Cookie Party Collection, as well as some super cute tea tins and gift sets. 

If you subscribe to her weekly e-newsletters, you'll receive promo offers and deals (e.g., free shipping with $50 purchase + bonus goodies). I can't wait to receive my sticker-adorned package!

Geek + Tea specializes in geeky and fandom teas. Aly grows and blends the organic teas on her herb and flower farm called Holly Frost Farm.

Monarch Tea Co.'s holiday tea line includes teas, tea-infused candles, gift sets, and a cozy crew neck sweater.

T by Daniel recently released a limited edition luxury teabag collection. The black and gold tea canisters are beautiful and the pyramid sachets are 100% biodegradable. I'm excited to try the new teas, and restock on a fave--the Almond Cookie Crumble black tea.

Three of the teabags sold out quickly on T by Daniel's website, but you can still get them on (which offers free shipping with $35+ purchase).

Tea Amo has gifts for all tea lovers: teas, teapots, teacups, infusers, treats, earrings, and tea-infused perfume oil. If you're lucky enough to live in the Greater Hamilton Area, Heather and Marian will hand deliver At Home Tea Afternoon Boxes to your house!

Tea at the White House (TWH) offers teas (loose or tea bags), teawares, teapot masks, tea-inspired candles, and treats (e.g., Buckingham Palace Collection biscuits). 

TWH recently won the well-deserved Readers' Choice Platinum Award for: Atmosphere, Desserts, Business that Gives Back to the Community, and Grocery Pick-up and Delivery.

TWH's tearoom is currently closed, but the tea shop is opened for retail sales with extended holiday hours (11 am to 7 pm, Friday & Saturday).



This post is not sponsored. I work hard for my money and like to support small tea businesses that offer unique and delicious teas, and exceptional customer service!


  1. Margie, I'm glad you're getting stocked up for the winter season. You have a nice assortment of teas too. Our Bulk Barn doesn't have the Christmas teas either. A sign of the times, I guess. I posted yesterday that my hubby has improved so I am going ahead with the party. You may let me know any time if you want to join. Have a lovely day and stay safe up there! :-)

  2. I’m impressed with your variety of Christmas teas, Margie. You certainly are well prepared for the long winter! You have so many choices.

  3. It's hit and miss these days on what stores are stocking. I'm glad you could find good sources for Tea. Thank you for visiting my blog for "No Place Like Home". Hope you stay healthy and happy sipping your favorite teas!

  4. Hello Margie, I'm glad you are stocked up for a tea-full winter! I bought some Christmas in Paris herbal tea recently and am looking forward to enjoying that over the holidays. I found it at London Drugs. You have found some delicious sounding teas! Enjoy them! Stay cozy and safe.

  5. Lots of variety of Christmas teas, it could be a long winter in more ways than one,

  6. It's nice you showed what the Celestial Seasonings teas look like brewed. I would pick the Sugar Plum Spice just looking at the brewed tea -- I like a dark tea!

  7. You know I don't know anything about teas but I like learning about them in your blog. Great findings!Enjoy!Have a lovely week ahead.

  8. Candy Cane Lane is my all-time favorite holiday tea! Sugar Plum Spice and Gingerbread are other favorites. I also like the White Christmas, I think it is a Stash tea.

  9. These seasonal teas sound yummy, Margie. Enjoy!

  10. These days I find myself yearning for a cup of tea after each and every meal.

    Just plain decaf. With plenty of honey. In a favorite mug!

  11. Margie, thanks for the lowdown on the teas. I'm glad you like to support small tea businesses. We tea lovers want to see them succeed.


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