Monday, January 18, 2021

National Hot Tea Month

We're more than halfway through National Hot Tea Month!

On National Hot Tea Day (January 12), I had a virtual tea social with my co-workers and sipped down Dessert by Deb's delicious Earl's Sugar Cookie black tea (I forgot to take a photo during the call, so this image is from another day).

Last year, Lorrie and Brenda inspired me to buy some twinkle lights. My magical teapot light adds sparkle to the indoors!


  1. Good morning, Margie! This is a perfect month to focus on hot tea. I find myself reaching for a mug at almost every meal these days.

    Warming my body, yes. But I'm thinking it calms me and whispers that all will be well. Yep, I think God can use a cuppa to speak peace.

    And that, I love!

  2. What a fun place to put your twinkle lights! It really is magical. Hot Tea month is every month, isn't it?

  3. Like you I've had two enjoyable virtual morning "cream teas" with friends. They've been a lot of fun and a unique way to stay connected.
    I've been exploring Dessert by Deb's website. Oh my goodness! There are so many exciting choices. When it's cold, I crave sweet flavored black teas and she certainly has quite a collection. Can't wait to order some.
    Love your twinkly lights in the teapot! It extends the holidays a bit.

  4. What a cute idea with the twinkle lights! Maybe we should all share something we have come up with to make our lives sparkle a little more. Our blogger friends all have such brilliant ideas to share, I'm sure. Enjoy the rest of your hot tea month, Margie!

  5. The tea flavor sounds wonderful, Margie. Adding the twinkling lights to your glass teapot is such a great idea!
    Happy Tea Month!

  6. That tea social, and the name of the tea has me so intrigued. Did you love it?

    ♥ your twinkle lights. I have wee rice fairy lights and a glass teapot. But I put my lights away. Ugh. Love the idea though and may have to dig them up or order some more - it's pretty neat, lady! Hugs!

  7. What a great use for the glass teapot. I must try it with mine, which has been used as a planter as it has a hole in the bottom. A job fir today, search it out and clean it up.

  8. Happy tea month! Mi body must had known because I'm drinking a lot of tea, or maybe it's just cold. I love twinkle lights, I will have to look for a clear teapot.Stay safe.

  9. Ooh....Loving the lights in the glass clear tea pot. How adorable. Happy National Tea month Margie. Wish we lived closer. We'd share a cuppa tea together. Hugs and blessings, Cindy


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