Monday, April 19, 2021

Five teas in April

I continue to sip down my teas one cup at a time!


1. Black Tea: 

Whittard of Chelsea's Piccadilly Blend is a lovely fruity tea with a light floral (rose) note.


2. Pu-Erh: 

Blue Mountain Tea Co.'s Up and at 'Em is a delicious blend of orange and vanilla.

3. Honeybush: 

Teamancy's Cranberry Head Crumble is a sweet and spicy blend that would also be perfect for fall!

4. Oolong: 

DavidsTea's Coconut Oolong is enjoyable as both hot and iced drinks.

5. Fruit infusion: 

DavidsTea's Coco Colada (cold-brewed) was a refreshing beverage. This tropical tea is the closest I'll get to a holiday these days!


  1. I love reading about all your sip downs, Margie. The way you describe them makes me want to try each of them!

  2. You have the best teas to drink! That coco colada looks amazing! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  3. Delicious. I see the store we go to to buy Hubby's coffee is now selling David's tea bags. I didn't need any at the time as I have lots from when they closed their stores, but hopefully in the future I'll buy some.

  4. Such lovely selections of tea you enjoy. :) Great tea cups to!

  5. Well these certainly look enticing. In fact, you reminded me that I picked up a new tin of tea in Boston a few weeks ago and I've only had one cup! It is going to be in the low 30's here tonight and I believe that I will head over to the kitchen and brew a cup right now!!

  6. Your tea selection is vast and varied, and they do sound delicious.

  7. I do love that shade of that beautiful cup and saucer in #2!

    Calm, peaceful, refreshing ...


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