Monday, January 25, 2016

Back to the Eighties

I've been feeling some birthday nostalgia this month so let's hop into Doc Brown's DeLorean time machine and revisit my 30th birthday. To celebrate this milestone birthday, I had a "Thirty Candles - Back to the Eighties" party!

The totally rad '80s decor and music.

You're totally an '80s child if you've had classic candies such as Fun Dips and Nerds, watched movies on VHS tapes and adopted Pound Puppies.

Top: My parents' Mr. and Mrs. Pac-Man costumes.
Bottom: The prizes awarded to the guests who busted out the most wicked '80s outfits and hairstyles.  

 My righteous friend baked this most excellent birthday cake!

Flash forward 6 years later...

I'm "celebrating my birthday in the daytime because I need my beauty sleep" old and  try to spread out my birthday activities throughout January. Thank you, Gilmore Girls, for introducing me to the concept of "birthday week"!

For my family gathering, my aunt baked me this beautiful purple birthday cake.
The unique flavour is ube macapuno (purple yam with coconut). YUM!

Pretty tea-themed cards from family and friends.
The scones featured on the right card made my mouth water!

The lovely birthday cards from my blogger friends...

...with tea samples tucked in their happy mail!

This Body Shop Fuji Green Tea gift set from my mom will definitely be appreciated by my skin this winter!

This pretty tea towel by Molly Hatch was also from my mom.
Love the vintage teawares on the towel! 

My brother gifted me a Taylor's Tea Room gift card (I couldn't help but geek out over its clever packaging!), some interesting teas from Calgary, cute teapot card holders...

 ...and this gorgeous Polka Blue tea for one set by Royal Albert!
I'm enamored with the beautiful sky blue colour and blending of romantic roses and whimsical polka dots! 

The teacup is larger than your standard 6-8 oz size and can carry generous amounts of tea!

Next week: A gluten-free and vegan birthday brunch!

I'm joining the following parties this week:


  1. How wonderful to keep on celebrating your birthday, Margie! You received some wonderful, tea-related birthday gifts. Your RA tea service for one is sooooo dreamy! I'll bet you feel special having tea from that. All the cakes and treats, and teas look fabulous, too. You deserve the special treatment! xo
    p.s. Please tell me what date your birthday is in January.

  2. Hi Margie,
    Happy 36th Birthday Dear Margie. Or am I wrong? Oh I love the dainty blue tea set. What amazing gifts! We are both January girls and instead of celebrating all week, I think I will celebrate mine for a year since I have hit 60. Lol. I still feel 16 though. So strange. Happy Tea Day Margie! Enjoy your special day! Karen

  3. Dear Margie:
    Wow! A whole lot of celebrating going on. Happy birthday and wishing you a wonderful year. Thanks for sharing this special time!

  4. I knew you could spread your birthday out Margie and some really nice gifts received. I feel old compared to your happy memories of the 80s. lol Oh well, never hurts to have tea grannies in your clutch of friends.

  5. I hope your "birthday week" continues on and on, dear friend! May the blessings of good health, happiness and all things lovely continue to bring smiles to your face.

    Hugs. ♥

  6. Looks like it's been a great birthday week, and adding my best wishes! But you are just a kid!! Lol! Especially love the Royal Albert tea-for-one and the tea towels. Hope it keeps coming!! Thanks so much for linking to Tuesday Cuppa Tea!

  7. Great wishes to you and your birthday week.
    I love tea, too...especially with a piece of pie. :)
    thanks for coming over.

  8. Hi Maggie: Love that tea cup. Looks like you have yourself a great day. Blessings to you, Martha

  9. Happy birthday dear Margie !!
    Love the Royal Albert tea for one set, so beautiful coloures and design.

  10. Margie, my dear, you sure know how to celebrate a birthday! Would you believe I still had pound puppies kicking around here? They went home with my little grandson and his sister the last time they visited. Your 30th birthday cake sporting the Rubik's cube is fabulous and I love the RA Polka Blue tea-for-one set! It really is sweet! Thanks so much for sharing all your treats and treasures with us. Fun post!


  11. Happy Birthday week! Wow! You have truly been celebrated! That cake looks divine. Could you mail me a piece? lol!!!
    Your 80s revisit is fab!

  12. Happy birthday Margie. Hope I am not too late. Your birthday theme tra ns ported me back to the 80"s I get nostalgic too. You and are the same u e macapuno is fave cake YUM
    Oh and yes I am a teaholic. Cheers to us! The Royal Albert tea for one-well I can almost feel it coming my way. Maybe I will wait for the sale 😉
    Have a good week I am trying to join in your website but can't see the link


  13. Hi! Your polka dot cups looks so sweet and pretty! Happy Birthday! Cakes loos so yummy, I bet you had a wonderful birthdayweek!

  14. Happy Birthday!! You received some beautiful gifts!
    Mine is coming up soon and I do not like to make a big deal about. Just a quiet dinner at home with my immediate family..
    Thanks for stopping by!

  15. Sweet! I, like, loved this post. I'm getting especially nostalgic over Labyrinth and that tubular cake (with smurfs)! It looks like you got some great birthday gifts (Royal Albert is the bomb!) and will be "in the tea" for a while. Hope your birthday week is/was ace!

  16. What a fun post, my friend. I had to smile when you talked about the 80's :) The things you listed brought back so many memories of my childhood.

    Your gifts are simply lovely and the Royal Albert set is so pretty! I just love the soft blue color.

    Thinking of you and wishing you a wonderful week. Hugs!

  17. I loved the 80s, but by then I was out dancing to the music with my girlfriends most weekends. The songs were the best part of the 80s! I'm glad you had such a wonderful birthday week!! This is something my daughter has been squeezing out of us for the last few years too (along with half-year birthday?!). Purple birthday cake sounds amazing! You received some lovely gifts ... love that polka dot set!

  18. Love the Polka Blue tea set. So charming! And I love the idea of a birthday week! why not? Happy birthday to you, Margie. I see your family and friends are continuing where they left off at Christmas, with the tea gifts!! And that purple cake looks delicious.
    I think I kind of missed the 80s. I was a new mom, haha!

  19. Oh my Pac-Man. That brings back my high school days... I love the eighties. So many wonderful things came out of that time. Movies, music fashion.

    I love that Polka Dot tea set. I have been eyeing it for a while now. Enjoy that beautiful set.


  20. Happy belated! What a fun party, it looks totally rad! ;)

  21. Belated Happy birthday, best wishes and have great tea moment! I do love tea also.


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