Monday, February 1, 2016

You Won't Believe It's Gluten-Free and Dairy-Free!

A few weekends ago, two friends took me out for a birthday brunch. Our first stop: Lettuce Love Cafe--"Canada’s First 100% Gluten-free Vegan Restaurant"! 

Cup of tea #1: Earl Grey tea with almond milk. 
My chocolate chip pancakes came with fruit, tempeh (a soy product) and potatoes. Topped with maple syrup and coconut whipped cream, the yummy chocolate pancakes tasted just like regular pancakes! 
Our next stop: Kelly's Bake Shoppe for dessert!

The award-winning Kelly's Bake Shoppe's sweet treats are all gluten-free, dairy-free, and peanut-free.

Cup of tea #2: Lemon meringue latte with coconut milk--a tasty dessert in a cup!
The double chocolate donut enjoyed by my companion. I was still full from our brunch so I took home a triple fudge brownie (not pictured) and enjoyed its chocolatey goodness for breakfast the next day (I did have a banana first before the brownie. Ha!).

Even if you don't have any dietary restrictions (like myself), I recommend you try out the allergy-friendly but delicious treats offered by Lettuce Love Cafe and Kelly's Bake Shoppe in Burlington, Ontario! 

My friends continued to spoil me with tea-related birthday presents.

This whimsical tea-themed birthday card made me smile.

This pretty birthday card with teacups cracked me up!

 I've never met tea towels with stacked teacups that I didn't like.

New black, oolong and green teas for me to try out this year.

 This new teacup has the same beautiful pattern as the pair of teacups that I received this past Christmas so now I have a set that I can use for tea parties.

Love the quatrefoil shape of this gorgeous vintage teacup by Windsor China.
Thank you to my friends for the fun birthday outing and gifts!

Discovering that I won Stephanie from The Enchanting Rose's generous giveway (my first giveaway win!) was the icing on my birthday cake. The delightful package arrived in the mail last week and contained this lovely pocket card with these fun goodies.

The pretty tea bag holders that I won. THANK YOU, Stephanie!!!

If you're crafty, you can make your own teabag holder. Click here for Stephanie's tutorial.

If you're like me and can't craft your way out of a paper bag, you can purchase these cute tea bag holders from Stephanie's Etsy Shop, Rose Petal Blessings

I'm joining the following parties this week:


  1. Margie, How wonderful to have such friends. I so glad you had a great visit and great tea!! Happy Birthday. Sylvia D.

  2. You have more fun with your friends, Margie, and go to such great places. I love seeing all your tea related gifts and those teacups...I'm swooning!

  3. Your birthday celebration sounds perfect! Tea and sweets with precious friends...what could be better? :)

    I am so glad the holders arrived safely and I must confess that I had a grin from ear-to-ear on my face when I saw it was YOU who had won the giveaway. Enjoy, sweet friend.

    Have a great week! Hugs!

    P.S. -I agree...a "Like" button would be perfect {{smiles}}

  4. Where to start? The tea towels are pretty, love the teacups and glad you have enough to invite friends over now, tea and the goodies from Stephanie. Life is good for a birthday gal that likes tea.
    Lovely outing and food with your friends, I didn't realize your were GF so it's nice to know you can still have treats with the others.

  5. Girl, did you ever get spoiled for your birthday! You must be well loved by everyone! What fun you had going to those places. How I wish we had fun places like that here. As much as I love our little island, it doesn't offer much in the way of unique places to enjoy tea. Your teacups are beautiful and I'm so glad you had a lovely birthday. Thanks for sharing all your treats and treasures with us.


  6. Hi Margie,
    You did get spoiled on your birthday too! It's so nice to go out for breakfast and tea. Wow those cards are cute. I got one with a teacup too and should add it to my post today. Your friends certainly know what you like. Those teacups are all so elegant. So nice to have a matching set of teacups when you have a larger tea party. Happy Tea Time Dear Margie! Have a Wonderful Week! Karen

  7. What a fun way to celebrate your birthday! You certainly have wonderful friends who really took the time to find tea related gifts you would enjoy. It's always fun to try new teas in new teacups. I'm glad you have a set now for parties. Congrats on being the winner of the teabag holders! Any item Stephanie makes is filled with so much love and creative talent. (I bought her tea coasters for small Christmas gifts.) Enjoy your week with all of your new tea related gifts!

  8. Happy Birthday Margie!
    What treats you enjoyed - yummie!
    So many beautiful tea inspired gifts too.

  9. Oh lovely tea! Happy birthday Margie! My sister, who's name is Margie also, has a birthday in a few days. You received some lovely gifts! I hope you had a lovely day.

  10. Happy Birthday wishes to you! Looks like you hit the tea jackpot on your birthday! I've never met a tea towel with any teacup on it that I didn't like! :) Enjoy your celebration. Happy Tea Day!

  11. Happy Birthday! The teacups are lovely and I am lovin' that restaurant!

  12. Happy Birthday! Those chocolate chip pancakes and that double chocolate donut look delicious! And that Dulce de Leche tea looks fabulous, too. You surely received some lovely tea-themed birthday gifts!

  13. What a lovely way to celebrate your birthday - and some wonderful gifts to boot.


  14. Thank you for visiting my blog, Margie, and leaving a comment. I am just getting started, so I really appreciate it! These are really lovely tea cups you received. I am partial to any that have roses. . .

  15. Dear Margie:
    I love your birthday items that you received. Happy Birthday to you. Those towels are really cute and will be "inspirational" while working. I am so glad you shared.

  16. Hello dearest Margie! Oh my...I didn't realise it was your birthday, although I feel quite certain you mentioned it sometime ago...I do apologise! Even though it is now belated, I do wish you a wonderful birthday and blessed year ahead!
    I am simple in love with those gorgeous tea themed tea you, Margie! I am delighted your sweet friends graced you with so many lovely gifts, and how special you were able to spend the morning with them, enjoying delicious, healthier treats...yay for that! And your new tea cups are just amazing...your collection must be incredible by now!
    Sending you so much love...have a blessed week further!

  17. Hi Margie, Happy Birthday! You received some special treasures and your celebration lunch looks like it was at a wonderful place. I would love the gluten free restaurant too. Love your beautiful teacups and the tea towels are adorable. Aren't sweet Stephanie's pocket tea holders charming?? She is the best and creates beautiful designs. Glad you enjoyed a wonderful day.
    Thank you for stopping by and your kind comment. Blessings for a nice weekend. xo

  18. Happy birthday and many blessings my friend!
    Your celebration lunch looks wonderful and you received lovely things. Your teacups are so beautiful too.
    Stephanie's tea holder pockets are simply darling, she is so talented!
    Have a terrific evening too.

  19. Happy belated birthday again Margie LOL! It looks like you received some wonderful gifts and the goodies look very tasty! Glad you had a great day! Kelly

  20. Happy Birthday! What a h I were close...I try to be vegan because of milk allergies...sometimes hard to do! Sorry I am a bit late, my back has kept me off the computer the last few days! Thanks so much for linking to Tuesday Cuppa Tea!

  21. Wow! Your birthday/week/month is never ending! You are one lucky gal surrounded by very thoughtful friends ;) These look like great places to visit (I used to live in Burlington too...after Dundas!). Beautiful teacups to add to your expanding collection. Enjoy your week ... and your new teas!

  22. Happy belated birthday! I am always looking for gluten free menu items. Thanks for sharing.

  23. Belated happy birthday. Thanks for sharing!

  24. I apparently missed this post (I seem to do that a lot). Wow you scored lots of great tea stuff for your birthday! Your friends definitely know you well. I wouldn't have guessed those pancakes were gluten free--they look just like their gluten counterparts. Congrats on the win too!


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