Monday, May 2, 2016

Potter Around

This past weekend, thousands of pottery fans flocked to the Spring Sale of the Hamilton Potters' Guild. Of course, I went to scope out the teawares!

How cute are these miniature teapots?

These whimsical clay teapots by Danuta Tydor are perfect for a Mad Hatters' tea party.
You can view more of Danuta's decorative teapots here

A dragon teapot for Daenerys Targaryen.

I loved this purple birdhouse, but left it behind as I didn't have a proper place to hang it in my backyard.

This turquoise teapot necklace by Frances Ward was the only teapot that I could afford to take home with me. 

The highlight of the weekend was meeting Wendy from September Violets (my first blogger meetup!) who came down for the pottery show! We had a blast browsing the 10,000 (!) pottery pieces at the show. 

Taylor's Tea Room was packed with the lunch crowds so we ended up going to Jax Sweet Shoppe for a post-sale snack. We were so busy chatting that I forgot to photograph the delicious savory scones that we enjoyed. 

Thank you, Wendy, for the wonderful company!


  1. Nice that you got to meet and enjoy the day with your blogger friend.

  2. I think it's so nice that you and Wendy were able to meet. I loved seeing both of your beautiful faces, Margie! What fun to browse through all those pottery pieces. I'm swooning over your teapot necklace. What a perfect keepsake for you!

  3. Lovely to meet up with another blogger. I love the teapot necklace you purchases. It seems we have similar titles for our posts today ... pottering :)

  4. Dear Margie:
    Those pieces are very artistic and unique. I love the fun teapots best and you are right as they would be so perfect for "Alice In Wonderful" Tea Time! Thanks for sharing and linking.

  5. Hello Margie

    What an incredible pottery sale. So many unique designs.

    Isn't great to meet other bloggers? I have met a few already and it is like being with old friends.

    Wishing you a great week.


  6. You got such wonderful photos of the pottery Margie! I'm still surprised you resisted one of those mini teapots ;)
    That was such a fun day together!

  7. Love your new necklace. Sounds like you had a great time. Blessings, Martha

  8. I so enjoyed this post, dear friend. I just love the picture of you and Wendy...what a delight to meet up!

    The pottery pieces are simply lovely and that necklace...LOVE it.

    Happy hugs!

  9. How fun that you were able to meet up with a fellow blogger! I do hope to do that one day. Even better, both of you were able to attend the pottery show with her. The artistry is incredible! I do love the birdhouse but would be cautious about it falling down. (Almost all of my birdhouses take tumbles onto the ground.) Glad you were able to purchase the necklace!

  10. love all the whimsical tea pots nice you got to meet fellow blogger thanks for sharing have a great week

  11. What unique teapots and what fun to take in the pottery show with Wendy! I think those teapots would be perfect for an Alice in Wonderland tea party. The purple birdhouse was cute too. Your necklace is a nice trinket to take home with you. Thanks for sharing your outing with us and Happy May, Margie!


  12. What a fun way to spend a day. Glad you could meet a fellow blogger (and tea exchanger).

  13. Margie, what a fun day out! Looking at teaware, among other things, then having tea and scones! My kind of day.

  14. How wonderful to see that many pottery items! Meeting a blogger friend in person is great! Which one is you and which is Wendy?

  15. How wonderful to see that many pottery items! Meeting a blogger friend in person is great! Which one is you and which is Wendy?

  16. I love going to potter's shows...they can be so creative! Lots of nice things there!

  17. It's so nice that the two of you were able to meet up. There were definitely some interesting pieces, people are so creative.


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