Monday, April 25, 2016

Pieces of April

April 10th-16th was National Volunteer Week so our local community services hosted a tea for their volunteers. I started volunteering in the Friendly Caller Program in 2013 and have been making weekly phone calls to the same community senior.

The theme of the Volunteer Tea was "Burst into Spring!"

The volunteers were gifted the floral centerpieces. 
Naturally, I selected a purple flower! The hyacinth had a lovely scent.

Last week, we had another social tea at the office.
I brought the Blue Willow tea sets that I acquired recently from the local thrift store.

One of the my co-workers brought this awesome cookie dough dip. 
I could have devoured this ball of yumminess by myself!

Another delicious discovery this month was this London Fog ice cream by Foundry Ice Cream which contains and tastes just like Earl Grey tea! 

The gourmet ice cream is made in small batches in Hamilton using local ingredients.
 I better stock up on my new favourite flavour before they run out!  


  1. Hi Margie
    I've never heard of a friendly caller program but think it is a wonderful idea - good for you for volunteering several years.
    The social tea you assembled for work looks nice and the extra goodies appear quite decadent.

  2. What a wonderful volunteer program! These programs always make such a difference. Thank you. Lovely flowers, and blue willow, my favorite. So many goodies, I would love to try the cookie dough dip.
    Happy week…….

  3. I'm so proud of you for volunteering, Margie, and how nice that the program recognized the volunteers. I always like to see your office tea times. It just makes the office a kinder, gentler environment, especially with a teapot, blue Willow teacups, and snacks.

  4. How nice that you volunteer and appreciated, Margie. Such besutiful gestures!...Christine

  5. Margie, Isn't great to discover new things. The ice cream sounds delectable. Volunteers are really precious and it's great to see you appreciated. Sylvia D.

  6. Margie,
    Yummmm.....Ice cream is my weakness, you know!! That is great that you volunteer. We have a volunteer in my department who used to be a high school principle and has volunteered here for 25 years!! He is now 90 and does not look it!! He says keeping busy is what keeps you young!! Have a great week!!


  7. Wonderful tea parties. Great way to thank volunteers and I bet a tea at the office is "calming"! London Fog ice-cream ... WOW! Happy Tea Day!

  8. Volunteering gives one such a wonderful feeling of accomplishment. I was a volunteen/candy striper for several years at the hospital before going into nursing. It was a great experience for a young girl in her teens.
    That ice cream looks amazing; yum! And your Blue Willow cups and saucers lined up for refreshments looks totally charming. You lead an interesting life, Margie. Thanks so much for sharing and linking.


  9. Dear Margie:
    I am so glad you shared and linked this tea time at work. I think your blue willow teacups were the amazing touch that I am sure they loved! The cookies dipped in the ice cream is a great idea too!

  10. I need to find that ice cream!!!!

  11. A friendly caller program is new to me, but seems very thoughtful and worthwhile. London Fog ice cream? I'm all over that!

  12. I think thats very sweet to do volunteer. The ice cream sounds very interesting will have to see if I can find that here with love Janice

  13. Margie, what a lovely volunteer program! And I'm impressed with your shopping skills (the Blue Willow). I checked out the nearest thrift store this week, and it was a total bust.

  14. I love volunteer job of any kind and yes, I work selling cakes and sweets once a year for the cancer society for the poor and now it'll have to be for the earthquake survivors.
    Thank you for your kind comment.

  15. Now that looks like some good ice cream! I've never seen ice cream in a glass jar before.
    Your co-workers are really blessed to have you making their tea times so special!

  16. Hi Margie,
    Your hyacinth is lovely and like you I would have chosen purple.... or pink. Lol. I love your blue and white transferware teacups and the ice creams look delish! You have too much fun at work! Happy Weekend! Karen

  17. Hi Margie,
    Your hyacinth is lovely and like you I would have chosen purple.... or pink. Lol. I love your blue and white transferware teacups and the ice creams look delish! You have too much fun at work! Happy Weekend! Karen

  18. How lovely, Margie. Not one but two tea parties and both look wonderful. I do like your blue and white tea set.

  19. I read this post last week, but didn't have time to leave a comment. It's nice to be recognized as a volunteer, and I think the friendly caller program sounds like a great idea. I'll bet your senior appreciates hearing from you and knowing someone will be checking on their well being. Looks like you and other volunteers were suitably spoiled ;) That icecream looks so good! I like the name ... there used to be a foundry at the end of my old street (the reason why we left because it was so smelly!).

  20. Mmmm... now I'm craving cookie dough and ice cream :)

    Lovely post, my friend, and I just love the theme "Burst Into Spring."

    I just came from Wendy's blog and was thrilled to see the two of you met - what a joy! And oh my, I was tickled pink to see YOU! You are beautiful, my friend :)

    Have a wonderful week. Hugs!


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