Monday, April 11, 2016

Go Fish!

Last month, a friend brought to my attention the Goldfish tea bags created by a Taiwanese company called Charm Villa. As luck would have it, another friend was in Taipei at the time so I asked her please try to bring back some Goldfish tea bags for me if she came across them during her travels. I knew this was a loooooooong shot so I didn't want to get my hopes up...

...but look what my friend brought all the way back to Canada! 
One of her hubby's friends happened to live just minutes away from the Charm Villa shop so he picked up the box of Goldfish tea bags for her. THANK YOU, CY!!! 

The Goldfish tea bag has won numerous awards for its creative, handcrafted design and is currently patented in 34 countries.
The tea bag acquired its Goldfish form as it steeped in the water.

It really does look like a Goldfish! Very cool!

My Goldfish swimming around my tea cup. Look at the movement of the fish tail!

The Goldfish tea bag was filled with White Tipped Oolong, aka Champagne Oolong or "Oriental Beauty". 

Taiwan is famous for its oolongs and this high-quality tea is cultivated organically in a pesticide-free and pollution-free environment so that the Jacobiasca formosana insects will feed on the tea leaves--the White Tipped Oolong's unique flavour is the product of these "insect bites".

After 5 minutes of brewing, the White Tipped Oolong had an amber hue and tropical aroma. The tea had a smooth and sweet flavour with a hint of peach.

As delicious works of art, the Goldfish tea bags will make your wallet weep.

You can purchase a single White Tipped Oolong Goldfish tea bag for $25 USD here (too rich for my blood!).

In Taiwan, a box of 12 Goldfish tea bags costs 1620 TWD ($50 USD or $65 CDN) which translates to about $4 USD per tea bag. I got 7 cups (300 mL/cup) from 1 Goldfish tea bag so I definitely got my money's worth!

"Pure, authentic Taiwanese tea in a goldfish brings wonder to your table."
From: Charm Villa's Creative Philosophy


  1. Wow, I'm impressed Margie, aren't they the cutest thing for a tea drinker! It must have been exciting brewing your first goldfish, it was fun to watch the tail moving in the video.

  2. How sweet is the goldfish tea, Margie!, and it sounds delicious,too! I think you did get your money's worth with seven cups of tea from one swimming goldfish!!

  3. Wow, what an impressive looking tea bag. And so creative!

  4. That is so creative - I've never seen anything like it!

  5. quite unique ,i love tea especially green tea in cold rainy days ,
    have a nice day dear

  6. I have never seen anything like it, Margie. The goldfish is really cute and the way the tail moves is so unique. What a fun way to brew a cup of tea! Glad you got seven cups of tea from him. The goldfish would make a fabulous gift for any tea drinker. Thanks for the video too. Have a wonderful day.


  7. Ahhh...I posted about them on my blog after I saw them online about a year ago, but have never talked to someone who had tried them...some folks commented they thought them creepy, but I thought they were kinda cute! Thanks for being a guinea pig in my circle! Glad to know they tasted/smelled good...will look for them. Thanks for linking to Tuesday Cuppa Tea!

  8. What an amazing teabag! Perfect clear cup so you can watch the fish 'swim' from all angles. You know so much about tea, you put me to shame. Is there such a thing as a tea nerd I wonder? Because, well, never mind ;)

  9. What neat teabags, have never heard of them, must mention them to my daughter the tea expert in our family.

  10. Dear Margie:
    I think this would be cute for teenagers and little girls having tea parties. I think they would really love it! Thanks for sharing and linking your amazing discovery.

  11. You are welcome! The video is so interesting and your are truly my tea-nerd friend that I just love so much!!!

  12. Well isn't that the cutest thing?!! Love your photos, and the video.

  13. Oh my . . . that is the coolest thing! But I have to admit, I think fish are just a bit creepy, so the idea of a "fish" in my tea, especially with those big eyes and fluttery tail, doesn't appeal to me. And the info about the insects . . . who knew? Such an interesting post, Margie! (I'll stick with goldfish crackers -- haha!)

  14. I've not heard of them before. They are absolutely the most darling teabags ever.

  15. I'd love to try that tea but at those prices I don't think so. So glad you were able to get some though.


  16. That is just adorable, it definitely looks like a goldfish. The price is quite something though, I don't think I'll ever get to experience one of those.


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