Monday, April 4, 2016

This Little Piggy

I first spotted teapigs. at my local grocery store last year. This UK-based tea company was started in 2006 so it took nearly a decade for teapigs to fly across the pond to my little corner of the world!

The unusual name and whimsical graphic designs with e.e. cummings-like decapitalization intrigued me. So I was delighted when a woman at work gifted me the Rooibos Creme Caramel!

The rooibos tea leaves and caramel pieces are combined in a biodegradable "tea temple".

This dessert tea will definitely satisfy your sweet tooth!
I always drank it plain, but I'm sure it'll also go well with milk to make a rich, creamy drink.

***Sadler Sugar and Creamer Update***

I went back to the antique shop last week...
Photo courtesy of Valley Antiques

...and the sugar and creamer were still there!!!
I wanted to jump up and down on the vintage couches for joy!

Reunited and it feels so good!

Mugs (2012); Teapot (2013); Sugar and Creamer (2016)
You complete me.


  1. Mmmm the teapigs tea sounds dreamily delicious, Margie!
    I laughed out loud picturing you jumping up and down on the vintage sofas at the antique store!!! The "reunited and it feels so good" made me smile, too. I'm so happy that your tea service is now complete and happy to be in your home!

  2. The cape worked!!! Congrats on completing the set. What a feat ;)
    DON'T jump on the furniture tsk tsk!
    Your new tea sounds yummy!

  3. Yay for finding the cream and sugar pieces still there - they were waiting for you. The "teapig" sounds yummy and I love the packaging. I have one or two of those mugs, too, they are so cute!

  4. Your post encourages me to drink rooibos again. I didn't like the taste the first time, but since all teas taste differently I should try it again. I really enjoy a sweet dessert tea (usually a flavored black) at night.
    Congratulations on completing your set! Love your expressions (and I can relate to them). They had me cracking up. It is a big achievement to complete a set piece by piece. I hope to do that one day. Love the woven look on your pieces. Now it is a time to have a tea party with your set!

  5. The name rings a bell, wonder if I've seen them where I shop too, I like flavoured rooibos.
    Yay on finding the cream and sugar still waiting for you.

  6. Love that wonderful tea set you have. Have a great week. Blessings, Martha

  7. Have not seen that flavour here yet but will keep an eye out for it. OMG! So happy you could complete your tea service, love it! Patty/NS

  8. I have never heard of that tea but I sure do love caramel so this would certainly appeal to me. Margie, I am thrilled for you that you got the cream and sugar! They were meant for you, my dear, and what a nice tea set you have now. Big smiles all around! Thank you for sharing and have a wonderful week.


  9. What a fun name! Haven't heard of it before. allergic to rooiboos, so not for me. I love your new teaset though! That's wonderful! Hope your teapigs can't fly, but stay around so you can enjoy them! Have a lovely week and thanks so much for linking to Tuesday Cuppa Tea!

  10. That tea sounds delicious, Margie. I am rejoicing with you, glad the sugar and creamer were still available. You asked about Reese. We started having tea parties when she was 3...Christine

  11. So glad that the creamer and sugar bowl was still there! I would have jumped up and down!

  12. So glad that the creamer and sugar bowl was still there! I would have jumped up and down!

  13. How wonderful to find pieces to complete such a charming collection! That is the best feeling!

  14. That tea sounds delicious! Happy April!

  15. The tea sounds delish, you've made me want to go get me some right now. I also love all your pretty dishes.
    I'm so happy the rest of the teaset was still there, I love it when that happens!

  16. Dear Margie:
    What a fun name for tea - makes us laugh. I am sure it is delicious too! I am so glad you shared and linked.

  17. Hi Margie,
    Aw you have made me smile today! I do love that Sadler Tea Set. Thank goodness it was still there. Too many times I have gone back to get a treasure and it was gone. So happy for you and thank you for the smiles! :) Karen

  18. Oh friend, what a beautiful tea set and I am ever so glad the creamer and sugar were still at the shop for you to bring home. I have done that with a few things that I love and when I return to the shop they have often been gones :( So glad that didn't happen to you!

    Have a happy week, dear one! I hope you don't get any more of that snow and it's bright sunshine from here on out :)

  19. What a stunning tea set!! Love it!! Thanks so much for stopping by!!


  20. Sweet! Love those colors. That set would work in my kitchen.


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