Monday, January 16, 2017

Flashback Travel: Bavaria (2008)

During my younger and more adventurous days (aka pre-teaware obsession era), I traveled quite a bit through Europe. I always wished that I had brought home teacups as mementos of my international trips... I was beyond thrilled when my friend gifted me this gorgeous teacup from West Germany for Christmas!  The contemporary Victorian-inspired teacup featured a courting couple.

The inaugural cup of tea.
A sip of the yummy Stash Black Forest Black Tea transported me back to my 2008 visit of Germany.

On our way to see Schloss Neuschwanstein, the most popular castle in Europe, we passed the 19th century Schloss Hohenschwangau. Unfortunately, we didn't have time to stop for a visit.

At Marienbrücke ("Marie's Bridge"), we enjoyed stunning views of the castles, mountains, and lakes. Just don't look down!

A view of Schloss Hohenschwangau from Marienbrücke.

The magnificent Schloss Neuschwanstein was built in the 19th century by King Ludwig II whose nicknames included: Fairy Tale King, Swan King, Mad King of Bavaria. You can read more about the castle and king's interesting history here.

Almost there...

Castle entrance
Unfortunately, photography was prohibited during the 30-minute guided tour which was limited to certain floors/rooms. You can do a virtual tour of the beautiful interior by clicking here.

photo credit: lhbrizzante CINDERELLA'S CASTLE via photopin (license)
The resemblance between the Bavarian Fairy Tale Castle and the Magic Kingdom is no coincidence. Walt Disney had modeled Cinderella's Castle after Schloss Neuschwanstein.

photo credit: Eric Black Forest German Cake via Flickr (license)
I tried to order Black Forest cake during my trip, but had trouble finding it at the cities that we visited (Munich, Berlin, Dresden). I did enjoy quite a bit of Bavarian Apple Strudel though!

What's your favourite German dessert?

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  1. Pretty teacup Christmas present with a romantic theme.
    I've always been drinking tea but never thought to buy cups and saucers etc. while travelling but I've collected a good number of them from antique stores. Maybe they travelled before they reached my hutch. :-)
    I would take apple strudel over black forest cake, too much whipping cream for me.

  2. Definitely an apple cheesecake we used to get at a local German bakery. My eldest daughter always requested it for her birthday cake.
    I love that fairy tale castle. I've done a few art pieces using it as a model.

  3. Hi Margie, so nice to see some photos from Germany (I am born in Germany). I remember the visit of Schloss Neuschwanstein with my parents as a child. It really left a deep impression on me.
    Germans in generally are actually pretty good bakers! For me it is very hard to just settle on one favorite dessert, but the Schwarzwald Torte (German Black Forest Cake) is a pretty good one and one of my childhoods favorites.
    Do you think you would be inclined and give it a try? Recipes should be available on the internet. Unfortunately I don't have one, otherwise I would have sent it to you.
    Warm regards,

  4. What a great trip you went on, Margie. I would love to visit Germany, and so many other European countries. Your teacup is a beauty, and what a thoughtful gift from your friend. I do love apple strudel,and I sure wouldn't pass up a Black Forest cake! I do make some German pancakes, but I'm not sure how authentic they are. However, they sure are tasty!
    I hope you have a wonderful birthday week!

  5. That's such a pretty teacup Margie. I'm sure your tea will taste all the better in it! :) Germany is a beautiful place, and all those castles are like fairy tales. Thanks for sharing your adventures! Have a great birthday!

  6. What wonderful memories and a beautiful teacup Margie!

  7. Your tea cup is gorgeous Margie. And what an amazing adventure through Europe. Such incredible places to visit. I am so glad you shared a bit of your incredible trip with us.

    I am going back for a second look.


  8. Your teacup is a beauty, Margie, and it goes perfectly with your post about castles in Germany! I love Cinderella's castle. It must be magnificent to see in person. I have never gotten to Europe but my son has been over there numerous times to conferences and he took advantage of it to sight see. I have a black forest cake recipe which is kind of a short cut of the real deal but it always goes over well. I haven't made it in a while. Hmm, I must do that once I'm back on my feet. You shared an incredible trip with us, thank you!


  9. That's a pretty teacup. Your trip to Germany was wonderful in the photos.

  10. Oh my God. Your post filled me with joy, Margie. First, I love your very aristocratic teacup. Then you make me discover this beautiful and magical castle. My favourite German dessert is undoubtedly the Apple Strudel. Besides, I eat this dessert every day when I am in Germany...hahaha.

  11. ooh, pretty teaware and castles--this clicks all my buttons! I've been fantasizing about taking a trip to Germany...
    I have bought some teaware during my travels, but not consistently. I didn't try hard enough to work it into my sightseeing in France.

  12. Apple Strudel is my favorite German dessert. But I also like Hildesheimer Pumpernickel Kekse (something I posted a while back with a "story"). I've only ever seen British castles, lovely in their own way; but it's German castles that are the stuff of fairytales.

  13. Apple Strudel is my favorite German dessert. But I also like Hildesheimer Pumpernickel Kekse (something I posted a while back with a "story"). I've only ever seen British castles, lovely in their own way; but it's German castles that are the stuff of fairytales.

  14. I like apple strudel as well.. the cake looks yummy. I often wished I could travel around to different post love the castle.. Happy New years with love Janice

  15. Such a pretty teacup. Lovely buildings to see there.

  16. Beautiful pictures from Germany..

    Please visit:

  17. What a lovely trip you took with so many beautiful places. I am so glad to see your beautiful cup and saucer from Germany and thank you for sharing.

  18. Very neat that you were able to travel in Europe. The castles look spectacular!

  19. I have been fascinated with your magnificent photos. Many thanks for posting.

  20. I just love the castle, what a wonderful trip that must have been. The teacup you received is beautiful.


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