Monday, January 30, 2017

Something to Crow About

Happy Lunar New Year!

photo credit: Laurence & Annie Year of the Rooster via Flickr (license)
I kicked off the Year of the Rooster with Buddha's Blend by David's Tea.

This delicate tea is a blend of white and green tea, jasmine pearls and hibiscus blossoms.

This vintage Chinese teacup was gifted to me a few years ago.

Is tea a wake-up call or zen experience for you?

I'm joining the following parties this week:


  1. Hi Margie, that sounds like a very nice tea blend. I have some high quality white and green teas sitting in the kitchen cabinet that I haven't enjoyed for quite a while now and I think your post has inspired me to really take the time and enjoy "a special cup" of tea next weekend. My body is not doing well with caffeine, so even though these teas contain relatively little caffeine, I only can have them ocasionally.

  2. Your vintage Chinese teacup is so beautiful, Margie, and your tea blend sounds perfect for sipping in the year of the Rooster. Tea is both a wake up call and a zen experience for me. I drink it from morning, through afternoon, and then a Tulsi sleep tea before bedtime. I guess I'm a confirmed teaholic, like you!

  3. Hi Margie,
    The tea sounds lovely and it looks so nice in your cup. I never drink tea in the morning; always coffee for me. I guess you could say I'm more into a zen experience when it comes to tea. It is a different experience altogether than drinking my coffee. I find coffee gets me going in the morning but when I sip on a cup of tea later in the day, it is a slow down, savouring experience for me. Tea is meant to be special and should be sipped from a special teacup. Just my thoughts on it. Have a super day, my friend.


  4. Happy Chinese New Year - the year of Rooster!

    I wish you the best.

    You have some lovely tea and teacups there, sweet friend.

    Hugs! ♥

  5. Such a treasured gift your vintage Chinese teacup, and the David's tea blend sounds nice.
    Tea has always been a zen experience for me.
    Happy Chinese New Year, and Happy February Margie.

  6. Very nice tea. I got David's tea as a Christmas gift this year. Your Chinese cup and saucer are gorgeous.

  7. This vintage Chinese teacup gift is so beautiful. I'm green with envy. Have a great weekend dear Margie :)

  8. Dear Margie:
    I am more likely to drink iced tea for lunch or supper and hot tea after dinner! Lovely posting!

  9. Hi Margie,
    Happy New Year to you! The vintage Chinese teacup is lovely. Blessings, Karen

  10. Hey, Happy New Year Margie! The tea sounds yummy. I am just making myself some "Chai & Mighty" from David's Tea, and I see there are what look like the same blossoms in it as your tea. I drink tea for the zen experience definitely! Cheers ;)

  11. The tea cup is so beautiful...

    Please visit:

  12. That looks like a neat tea blend. To be honest, I haven't tried very many flavors of tea. Interesting to hear of the different types you drink!


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